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Stamps & Stickers for my filofax

These are the stamps I use for my filofax.  I don’t use them as often as I used to,  but they are useful to make the pages look neat.

 Probably I should use a different colour for each stamp, but I only use the red ink now.

And this is a small file to keep all my stickers in- I bought most of my stickers when I was in Japan.

I cut off the front cover of the file and used to use it like this↓.  Well, now I think that I didn’t really have to cut off the front cover to use it this way, but probably there was probably some reason at that time… :P??

This daily planner is called Hobonichi Techo, and I was using it until I bought a filofax.  I used to be a big fan of Hobonichi Techo which is probably the most popular daily planner in Japan.   I used it for 4 years until I bought a filofax.

I used it as a planner & diary, and I used to really enjoy writing things in and decorating it with stamps, stickers, photos and some of my illlustrations.

I used to carry a Multi8 with me so I could colour my illustrations at a coffee shop or wherever I wanted 🙂  I still love my Multi8, but I don’t carry it around with me anymore.

This is how my filofax looks like now- really different from how I used to use my Hobonichi Techos, but this suits me the best right now and I’m very happy with it!

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Dividers, Filofax, Japan Corer, Stickers

New filofax arrived!

I bought my first filofax organiser in August last year.  I did a lot of research on the internet before deciding which filofax to purchase, but researching on the internet sometimes overwhelms me with a huge amount of information and leaves me totally confused..!  So, after a week of researching on the internet what I did was just turned off my computer and walked to Ryman which isn’t so far from my place.  Then I found a lovely pocket-sized Finsbury Aqua which was reduced to only £20.  My favourite colour is Red, but  when I took it out of the box and touched it I just fell in love..!  It was so beautiful and the smell of leather was absolutely gougeous.  Aqua wasn’t my favourite colour, but I decided that this would be my very first Filofax organiser!  (Until then I had been using Japanese organisers like Hobo Nichi Techo for many years.)

I had been happily using my Finsbury Aqua since that day until…LAST WEEK…!  Because of my very stupid mistake (which I don’t even want to mention as I’m regretting it too much…!!!) I ruined the front cover of my beloved filofax…  I would probably cope with it if it was the back cover, but I damaged the front cover.  I tried to get used to my damaged filofax, but after using it for 3 days I decided that I would need a new filofax.

So, to make a very long story short, now I have my new filofax in my hands!  I chose the Malden Vintage Pink this time (of course the pocket size again- it’s my favourite size as it fits in my purse perfectly).

I wasn’t so sure about ordering it on Amazon, but amazingly it arrived the next day by First Class Recorded.  I actually found a small flaw but it wasn’t so bad, and after all it was only £29.94.

These are the dividers I made for my Finsbury↓

I was going to use the same dividers for my new Malden, but I noticed that there wasn’t enough space between the pages and the pen loop like the Finsbury.  So I made new dividers for the Malden↓

It wasn’t much fun making 14 dividers, but now I’m so happy that I made them!

This is a chart of the P&P that I often refer to for new orders.

Month on two pages↓

I’m really happy with this new see-thru divider I made.  I cut out the middle part of a divider and laminated it so you can see both pages even though the divider is in between.

I keep my Japanese “omamori” (talisman) which I got from Meiji Jingu (Meiji Shrine) before leaving Japan in 2010.

These are the kokeshi calendar stickers I make and sell↓

I’m selling them on eBay, Etsy and on my own website (banners are on the right side!).  You can visit my shop on Etsy from the banner below↓

Thank you very much for reading my very long post!