Filofax, Hobonichi Techo, Pentel Multi8 Review

Pentel Multi8 Review!

I have got a request to do a mini review on a Multi8 pen, so here is the quick review!

I think I bought my Multi8 in 2008 when I was in Japan, and I’ve always loved it since I got it!  I often draw small illustrations on corners of small notes or post-it notes, and this Multi8 makes them really colourful!

There is also a product called Super Multi8, but this is a standard Multi8.  You can purchase just a pen with 8 sticks of colour lead already set inside, but I bought a “Multi8 set” so it came with 16 sticks of colour lead (2 for each colour) and a sharpner. (*Plus 8 sticks were already set inside the pen so 24 sticks in total!)

This is an instruction manual, and it’s written in English on the rear side.

Comparison to BIC’s 4-colour ink pen:

When I bought my Multi8 set it was 2000 yen + free shipping or something on  The colour lead lasts for a very long time (unless you colour something really large!) and I never use a sharpner, so I personally think that you don’t really need to buy a set.  If you search for “Pentel Bible Highlighter” or “Pentel 8-in-1” you’ll be able to find the ones (not a set) which are designed for the markets outside Japan, and I think they’re cheaper than purchasing an Original Multi8 set.  (By the way, I’ve seen a Multi8 which has different colours inside so you should check it before purchasing it!)

By the way, MUJI sells a set for 2000 yen (it’s made by Pentel, but it has a MUJI packaging) in Japan, but I couldn’t find it on the English MUJI website, so probably it’s not available outside Japan..?  This is the one you can buy at Japanese MUJI:

ポリカーボネイト8色鉛筆芯シャープペン 8色・替芯付き

Sorry, the quality of this photo is really bad, but these are the 8 colours you get.

I used to draw a lot of pictures when I was using a Hobonichi Techo, and here are some examples 🙂  They’re all coloured by a Multi8.

And these are the Week On Two Pages for this week 🙂

I hope you liked my review!

25 thoughts on “Pentel Multi8 Review!”

  1. Hi, and thanks for the detailed review! I did see the Muji one you mentioned and have been on the brink of buying it multiple times. It just kept jumping out of my basket. (: Your illustrations are amazing! I wish I could draw like you. And I can see this pen gets a lot of use. I also have a pink pocket Malden BTW, which was my first one after not using one after a long time.

    1. Oh, thank you, and I’m so sorry you tried to purchase the MUJI version of Multi8! I just wanted to show you what it looked like, not to purchase through that link. That link was for the Japanese MUJI and I don’t think they ship ouside Japan, I’m so sorry..! Have you already checked on eBay? I saw a few listings there (a Multi8 set and individual Pentel 8-in-1). Oh, yes, I remember your post on Malden on Philofaxy! I’m actually going to check that post again!

  2. Actually, I have a local Muji — I meant that I was on the brink of a purchase multiple times but always changed my mind. No worries (: Regards.

  3. Yes! I love going there for stationery, kitchen gadgets, and their Filofax-sized inserts/accessories are quite good.

  4. Thaaaank you for the inspiration with the Pentel Multi8, I just oerdered one!
    Which black pen do you use for the borders of the coloured areas (the edges or contours)? Does it bleed through the paper?

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love your Multi 8!!

      Do you mean the pen I use for my illustrations/doodles? I always use a PILOT G-TEC-C4 (0.4). It doesn’t bleed through paper at all 😉

  5. Great review! This is a great pencil, I am practicing kanji characters at the moment and I draw little things on the pages as well, but I don’t want to carry a whole tin of colour pencils with me…so the Multi8 is the perfect solution! Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi again,mi finally bought this to use with my 2015 Hobonichi Techo and I think I need to recalibrate the turning mechanism because I can’t get thr right color to come out when I want to. Any tips?

  7. Hi Sachiko! I just linked to this post in a comment in a different blog (not mine, just a comment I left). The post was also a review of these pencils, from 2016. Here

    It’s nice to see other fans of these! I bought my first not long after you did. They are really nice! Surprisingly smooth and vivid, not a gimmick! I mostly use mine for color coding – planner/to-do lists and notes – I do some pretty intense colour-coding, haha. I wish they made more colors for that, sometimes it’s hard to tell, say, light green from dark green when you are just circling a task or drawing dashes or other bullet-journaling type marks like that. I just wrote Pentel to whine for more colors, it’s a long shot but I guess you never know unless you try! Maybe others have asked for this too, so if we keep at it, eventually Pentel will go for it 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! Oh my goodness, I wrote this review 7 years ago!! After all these years I still use mine 🙂 I’ve just checked on eBay:

      I didn’t know that they offer purple, pale orange and pale green now. Did you know that? Hopefully Pentel will listen to people like you and add some more colours 😉 Good luck!!

  8. I did actually! I think they must have started around the time I got mine, it was about 3 years after you said in the post that you first got yours so that is probably how you missed it. You had no reason to think they would add colors – eight colors, eight slots in the pencil – especially if they didn’t make a big promotional push on these. Did you have to buy more leads or are you still on those you got in the set back then?

    Still surprised they are not heavily promoting these and expanding on the range, considering the whole recent trend for decorating planners and on-the-go art journaling. As you demonstrate in this post, they are really well suited. The style of doodling you do here is super trendy right now (you did it…before it was cool! :P), they even have stencils for people who can’t draw them freehand 😛

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