Pentel Multi8 Review!

I have got a request to do a mini review on a Multi8 pen, so here is the quick review!

I think I bought my Multi8 in 2008 when I was in Japan, and I’ve always loved it since I got it!  I often draw small illustrations on corners of small notes or post-it notes, and this Multi8 makes them really colourful!

There is also a product called Super Multi8, but this is a standard Multi8.  You can purchase just a pen with 8 sticks of colour lead already set inside, but I bought a “Multi8 set” so it came with 16 sticks of colour lead (2 for each colour) and a sharpner. (*Plus 8 sticks were already set inside the pen so 24 sticks in total!)

This is an instruction manual, and it’s written in English on the rear side.

Comparison to BIC’s 4-colour ink pen:

When I bought my Multi8 set it was 2000 yen + free shipping or something on  The colour lead lasts for a very long time (unless you colour something really large!) and I never use a sharpner, so I personally think that you don’t really need to buy a set.  If you search for “Pentel Bible Highlighter” or “Pentel 8-in-1” you’ll be able to find the ones (not a set) which are designed for the markets outside Japan, and I think they’re cheaper than purchasing an Original Multi8 set.  (By the way, I’ve seen a Multi8 which has different colours inside so you should check it before purchasing it!)

By the way, MUJI sells a set for 2000 yen (it’s made by Pentel, but it has a MUJI packaging) in Japan, but I couldn’t find it on the English MUJI website, so probably it’s not available outside Japan..?  This is the one you can buy at Japanese MUJI:

ポリカーボネイト8色鉛筆芯シャープペン 8色・替芯付き

Sorry, the quality of this photo is really bad, but these are the 8 colours you get.

I used to draw a lot of pictures when I was using a Hobonichi Techo, and here are some examples 🙂  They’re all coloured by a Multi8.

And these are the Week On Two Pages for this week 🙂

I hope you liked my review!


22 thoughts on “Pentel Multi8 Review!

  1. Hi, and thanks for the detailed review! I did see the Muji one you mentioned and have been on the brink of buying it multiple times. It just kept jumping out of my basket. (: Your illustrations are amazing! I wish I could draw like you. And I can see this pen gets a lot of use. I also have a pink pocket Malden BTW, which was my first one after not using one after a long time.

    • Oh, thank you, and I’m so sorry you tried to purchase the MUJI version of Multi8! I just wanted to show you what it looked like, not to purchase through that link. That link was for the Japanese MUJI and I don’t think they ship ouside Japan, I’m so sorry..! Have you already checked on eBay? I saw a few listings there (a Multi8 set and individual Pentel 8-in-1). Oh, yes, I remember your post on Malden on Philofaxy! I’m actually going to check that post again!

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  3. Actually, I have a local Muji — I meant that I was on the brink of a purchase multiple times but always changed my mind. No worries (: Regards.

  4. Yes! I love going there for stationery, kitchen gadgets, and their Filofax-sized inserts/accessories are quite good.

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  8. Thaaaank you for the inspiration with the Pentel Multi8, I just oerdered one!
    Which black pen do you use for the borders of the coloured areas (the edges or contours)? Does it bleed through the paper?

    • Hi! Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love your Multi 8!!

      Do you mean the pen I use for my illustrations/doodles? I always use a PILOT G-TEC-C4 (0.4). It doesn’t bleed through paper at all 😉

  9. Great review! This is a great pencil, I am practicing kanji characters at the moment and I draw little things on the pages as well, but I don’t want to carry a whole tin of colour pencils with me…so the Multi8 is the perfect solution! Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi again,mi finally bought this to use with my 2015 Hobonichi Techo and I think I need to recalibrate the turning mechanism because I can’t get thr right color to come out when I want to. Any tips?

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