Eraser stamps, Filofax, Japan Corer

My stamps looking better with handles :)

I’ve been stubbornly using my pocket-sized Malden, but I sometimes imagine that things would be a bit easier with a bit more space on each page…  But the pocket size is the maximum size I would carry around in my handbag (my handbag is already quite heavy…!)…so…  Well, I guess I’ll try to stick with my Malden for a bit longer and see how I feel..!

These are the pages for last week- I wish there wasn’t a monthly calendar in the space for Sunday because I never look at that tiny calendar!!

By the way, these are the wooden pieces I got from my father-in-law recently.  (He has all kinds of wooden pieces and tools in his garage!)

I glued them to my eraser stamps and here they are!  They look a lot better with handles!

And it’s a lot easier to stamp with a handle, too, yay!

They fit perfectly in a case I already had, but the problem was, it was a bit difficult to pick them out of the box.

So I made something like this by card- if I pull the tag-like part I can pick up stamps out of the box more easily. (Sorry, it’s a bit difficult to explain..!)

I want to make more stamps, but before doing that I want to design a new gift set for my shop using my Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl characters 🙂  I already sell some gift sets using my kokeshi doll character, but I don’t have any gift set with Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl characters yet!

This is a Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl stationery set which I’m currently selling in Japan Corner, and I’m thinking of creating a “gift set” which includes something extra besides envelopes and writing sheets.  If I could create a nice/cute gift set I think I’ll write about it on this blog too 🙂

Thanks for reading!