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Super Cute Kokeshi Doll Personalised Dividers with Tabs!

It’s been a busy week for me, but I was also able to work on the new dividers!  I was asked if I made dividers to sell, so I thought I would give it a try 🙂

Some ideas came into my head, so I started sketching on a piece of paper…

P1120242 copy

Then I scanned them into my computer, and created new characters based on the sketches before making dividers from them.

I finally finished all the designing and could print them out last night!  These  are for the Pocket size by the way.


After laminating all the dividers I realized that the “ADDRESS” should have been “ADDRESSES” and had to make the green divider all over again!!  Boo!!

Anyway, here are the completed new dividers!  I think they are pretty cute, hehe!
P1120313 copy

all dividers

P1120277 copy

And do you remember my Registration Number cover?

I made a new one to match with the new dividers!  It’s got a see-through window of course 🙂

P1120315 copy
If you write your registration number on this page↓ you can see it through the window of the registration number cover 🙂

P1120318 copy
Oh, by the way, this is my new Finsbury which I bought recently!  I love it, and I’d love to write about it sometime soon 🙂


I hope you like my new dividers!  The ones for the Pocket size are available in my shop at the moment (these are personalized dividers), but if I receive a request I could make them for Personal size as well 🙂


eBay top image

Kokeshi Girls Club top image

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Ready to offer CUTE Month On Two Pages!

I finally managed to finish designing the Month On Two Pages (for 2013) for both Pocket and Personal sizes!  These refills are designed, printed and carefully hand-cut by me. And here they are!



(I wish I could offer larger refills as well, but the ink is really pricey and I would have to charge way too much for them even if I made them 😦 I really wish there was a way to get them printed out more cheaply!)

The Pocket and Personal refills are available here↓

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions about any of my items!


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Handmade CUTE monthly calendar refills for 2013 :)

Ta-Daa!  The box arrived!

Sorry, it’s not a new Filofax lol!  I ordered some Japanese food from Japan Centre in London.

These are the essentials 🙂

I really wish there was an oriental supermarket around here, but the only place I can buy some Japanese food is at a nearby Sainsbury’s.   Recently they made a small section for some Japanese ingredients and stuff to make sushi, so things are actually slightly better as I used to have to order everything from London!

By the way, I’ve been designing monthly calendar refills for 2013, but it’s been taking a while as I’ve been a bit busy lately.  I really want to complete it and put it up in my shop, but I still have to design the pages for October, November and December!!

Anyway, this is what the first page looks like.

And these are some of the completed pages. *The colours look a bit funny in these photos 😦

These refills are for the Pocket size Filofax, and I’m thinking of making them for the Personal size as well 🙂  Hopefully I can finish them all and put some photos up here soon!

Thanks for reading!



What I write and keep in my Filofax :)

Today I’d like to show you what I write & keep in my Filofax.  I guess mine isn’t special compared to other people’s organisers, but it’s always nice to peek into someone else’s organiser, isn’t it!?

Here is my pocked sized Malden, and this is the only organiser I use.  I used to write things on different places like a wall calendar, notebooks, a spare organiser, etc., but it never really worked for me as I need everything in ONE place.  So here is my organiser, and it contains everything I need!

These are my tabs- there are 19 of them!

Most of the letters on the tabs are written in Japanese, so here is the translation.

There are many sections for my online business and freelance translation.  It’s boring to go through those sections so I’d like to show you other sections.  Oh, and I wrote about my registration number cover HERE in the past.

Let’s start with the section for passwords.  I wasn’t sure if I should write all my passwords on my Filofax for security reasons, but I often need these passwords when I’m away from home, so I decided to write them in a coded way so no one can understand them 😉 Then I printed a website logo alongside each password so I can find a password quickly.

I flick through these pages very often, so I laminated them.

And here is a section for sticky notes.  I wrote about it HERE so I skip this section for now.

And here is the monthly calendar for this month.  I usually write all my plans and to-do’s on week-on-two-pages, and I write things which are already finished on the monthly calendar for the future reference as it’s easier to look over the entire month.

I use stickers and my beloved multi8 to make the pages colourful 🙂 (I wrote about this sticker file HERE, and my multi8 review is HERE)

I write all the addresses on my Filofax as I never really liked the digital address book on any of my mobile phones and my current smart phone.

And this is a section for all the gifts sent & received.  I refer to these pages before buying gifts as I often forget what I gave and what was given!

This is a section for the opening times of the shops in my neighbourhood.

And this is a section for my wishlist.

By the way, this stamp I made has been really useful.

You can see more about my stamps HERE.

And I have a railway map in the section “Other”.

I used to have a British map and a Japanese railway map in this section, but I took them out recently as I don’t look at them much.

I only keep these in the pockets as I don’t like my organiser to be bulging.

Phew!  That was a long post!!  Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it 😉


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New divider I made for my Filofax

This is a quick painting I did over the weekend.  Maybe her body is a bit too small for the size of her head, but it still looks like Charlie to me!

 She is my Syrian Hamster Charlie I got from Pets at Home.  The staff there told me that Charlie was a boy, so I believed that for a few months.  Then one day I suddenly realized that Charlie didn’t have.. um… the balls!  Charlie was already a few months old then (which means she was an adult), but I still believed that I would find them somewhere hidden in her body…lol!!

So I put her in a clear jar and looked really carefully, but I couldn’t see any signs of them! Then I finally accepted that Charlie was a girl!Well, it actually didn’t really matter whether Charlie was a boy or girl.  The good thing was her name was Charlie so we didn’t have to change her name!

OK, enough of the silly talk!!  I’d like to show you the new divider I made yesterday. It’s printed on glossy photo paper and laminated.

This is when it’s set in my Filofax.  I like the colourful tabs, so I might re-make all the dividers when I have some time.

Ta-daa!  Yes, it’s a divider for sticky notes!

I use the large sticky notes for my shopping lists.  (*You can read more about my eraser stamps you see in this photo HERE)  I write down whenever I remember things I need to buy.

Then when I go shopping I stick it to my phone because it’s more convenient than opening my Filofax at a store.  I used to type shopping lists on my phone, but I later found out that I prefer it on actual paper.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post!