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Handmade CUTE monthly calendar refills for 2013 :)

Ta-Daa!  The box arrived!

Sorry, it’s not a new Filofax lol!  I ordered some Japanese food from Japan Centre in London.

These are the essentials 🙂

I really wish there was an oriental supermarket around here, but the only place I can buy some Japanese food is at a nearby Sainsbury’s.   Recently they made a small section for some Japanese ingredients and stuff to make sushi, so things are actually slightly better as I used to have to order everything from London!

By the way, I’ve been designing monthly calendar refills for 2013, but it’s been taking a while as I’ve been a bit busy lately.  I really want to complete it and put it up in my shop, but I still have to design the pages for October, November and December!!

Anyway, this is what the first page looks like.

And these are some of the completed pages. *The colours look a bit funny in these photos 😦

These refills are for the Pocket size Filofax, and I’m thinking of making them for the Personal size as well 🙂  Hopefully I can finish them all and put some photos up here soon!

Thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Handmade CUTE monthly calendar refills for 2013 :)”

  1. OHH I love those inserts! so pretty! I’m needing to make me some month on one page for my A5 .
    I live around a lot of international markets and go into this one Asian market. I am so lost lol but my son goes with me and he knows better. I always stand in the candy / cookie aisles .. at least they talk one language hehe.

    1. Thank you, Suzee 🙂 I was working on your mushroom stickers today, and they are almost finished! I think I can show it to you tomorrow or the day after 😉 I wonder what your son buys at an Asian market? I’m sure there are so many goodies there!

      1. Oh I can’t wait to see them! =0) My son likes to buy special noodles and lots of different mushrooms! He can go out in the woods and pick the edible ones , knowing me i would pick the poison ones LOL… I like to buy the panset noodles .. not sure if I spelled that right.

        1. I just sent you an image of the mushroom stickers 🙂 Oh, I’m sure I would pick the poisonous mushrooms in the woods as well lol!! By the way, I just checked about the noodles- it’s spelt “pancit”. They look so delicious!!

  2. Oooh! Please make one for Personal as well! I would buy at least one! ❤ love your designs!
    … that reminds me. Have to go to your shop to order some Christmas presents!

    1. Hi Yu! Thank you for your comment, and thank you for visiting my shop! Yes, I am making those inserts for the Personal at the moment 😉 I think I can put them up in my shop in a few days!

    1. Hi Imy! Thank you for your comment, and I’m really happy to hear that you like my inserts! I’m making them for the Personal at the moment, and they’ll be ready in a few days. I will post it here when they are ready 😉

  3. The inserts are super cute! You such a talented artist and I love your designs. I lived in Japan for three years and got totally addicted to stickers and stamps. It would be brilliant if you created A5 inserts, as they are just what my Filofax needs!

    1. Oh, thank you! I really wish I could offer refills for A5 size, but the ink is really pricey and I would have to charge a lot (maybe too much!) for the A5 size. That’s why I decided to make ones just for the Pocket & Personal sizes 😦 I really wish there was a way to print them out more cheaply…! Wow you lived in Japan for a long time! I love Japanese stickers, and I’ll definitely be buying more of them when I visit there again next time 🙂

  4. I LOVE your blog. You have the most GORGEOUS Filofax and inserts. Plus, I’m SERIOUSLY jealous you have the ability and time to make all those inserts yourself.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment!! I’m so glad you found my blog, and thank you so much for saying that you love my blog 🙂 I love designing things for Filofax and I’ve actually been struggling to find the time to design recently, but I’m planning on designing new monthly refills for 2014 soon, and I hope you’ll like them!! 🙂

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