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Kokeshi Dividers for Personal FINALLY READY :)

Thank you very much for all the measuring Suzee and Ray!  I worked on the see-thru window for the Personal size this weekend!

The measurements are as shown below according to Suzee:

Regist Cover Personal

And thank you for the extra information, Ray!  The size could be slightly different depending on the inserts you buy!

So I made the see-thru window like this:

number cover window

You might need to re-write your registration number on a new insert for the registration number so you can see your number through the window properly.

I made some samples and tested just in case.


I used my husband’s Collins binder as I don’t have any Personal Filofax.



Then I made some adjustments…



And here they are, they are FINALLY ready!

5 personalised dividers for Personal:

personal dividers 1

And the Registration Number Cover for Personal:

P1120383 copy


P1120397 copy

There are two versions availabel:

1) Regular set- 5 personalised dividers

2) Special Set- 5 personalised dividers & 1 personalised registration number cover

They are available here:

top image etsy


Thank you very much for waiting for the Personal size, and now I will start working on the A5 size as well!  A5 is quite large, and I really hope they’ll turn out nicely…!!  Please check this blog for latest updates 😉

Thank you very much for reading!


eBay top image

Kokeshi Girls Club top image

8 thoughts on “Kokeshi Dividers for Personal FINALLY READY :)”

  1. Hi!
    I just recieved your inserts for 2013, they are amazing. I was wandering if you do divdiers with paticular tabs that I want for example, is it possible to personalise the tabs?

  2. Hi Sachiko! I commented on your post from today (Jan 23rd, 2013) and I’ve looked (yet again!) at these dividers. I am almost positive I’ll want them for my Compact binder; but I’ve never had the opportunity to purchase anything on Etsy, therefore, I don’t know the checkout process.

    As these dividers are personalised, when exactly do we tell you which words we’d like to see printed ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !
    And for giving us all the opportunity to have pretty things in our binders 🙂

  3. I forgot : I think of purchasing the set with the registration page : I guess this registration page is also customizable ? Thanks again !!

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