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New Pocket Finsbury and Colourful Monthly Calendar :)

A5 dividers are now available at Japan Corner 🙂

A5 top image etsy

I’ve been wanting to design more refills, stickers, Today markers…etc., but I just don’t have enough time…!   I guess I can do that after Christmas 🙂  I’ve also been wanting to make some cute week-to-view refills, but I’m short on time at the moment so I just made these simple ones for now.

P1120254 copy

They are just simple refills, but they’ve got more space compared to Filofax week on two pages.

By the way, I like my new Finsbury.  The very first Filofax I bought was Pocket Finsbury Aqua, but I damaged the front cover and tried to fix it but I made it even worse… 😦  So I bought a Pocket Malden, and I liked it, but I couldn’t forget about the Finsbury..!  I just like its stiff leather and squareness.

The colour is Antique Rose, and it’s grayish pink.  I love pink, but I’m so clumsy, so this grayish pink is perfect for me as any damage to it won’t be so obvious 🙂

P1120298 copy

P1120487 copy

These are the monthly calendar pages for November.

P1120485 copy

They are quite colourful…maybe too colourful!?

P1120486 copy

I hope I can show you some new refills/stickers/today markers sometime soon!


eBay top image

Kokeshi Girls Club top image

6 thoughts on “New Pocket Finsbury and Colourful Monthly Calendar :)”

  1. I love LOVE your blog .. love all your pages and stickers you make.. can you just make me a whole binder?? LOL It is all so neat and pretty and organized! I want it all lol… my poor Holborn is so messy… Your monthly pages are just perfect.. I love all the colours! Does the clear page with the monthly pages come with them? I like that one. I really like your weekly pages too. they do look like alot of room to write.

    1. Thank you, Suzee!!

      >Does the clear page with the monthly pages come with them?

      Do you mean my see-thru divider? I made it because I wanted a page marker for the monthly calendar and to be able to view both pages at the same time 🙂 Yes, my weekly pages have got a lot more room than the Filofax week-to-view refills 😉 I can’t wait to design some new refills after Christmas!

  2. I totally concur with Suzee, everything in your planner is a delight, and I’ve been wondering if you could just design my whole life for me, to make it so pretty and functional. I’m so excited to see what you’ll come up with next – you inspire me 🙂

  3. I really like that WO2P format you are using. I use tick boxes as well, I wanted to buy a stamp from MUJI but i don’t like the fact that it has lines. This is great! Good job!

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