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❤Cute Handmade Kokeshi Dolls Address Refills❤

I’ve been really wanting to make some refills for addresses, so I decided last night to put everything aside and just make them!!  It took me a quite long time, and when I finished them I was totally exhausted…!

P1120500 copy

There are 12 pages including the cover page and the last page for notes, and you can fill in addresses for 40 people.

P11205202 copy

all pages copy

I haven’t put them up on my shop yet, because I haven’t decided what to do with the space to fill in address etc.
These are for the Pocket size (81mm x 120mm), so the space is quite tight.  I made a space for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, MOBILE NUMBER, BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN.

size of space copy

I actually fill it in with my PILOT G-TEC-C4 (0.4) which is a really small pen.  I could fill it in with no problem, but some people might find it a bit tight.

P1120531 copy

I can get rid of the section for BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN to give more space to PHONE NUMBER and MOBILE NUMBER, and I’d like to know what you all think!  If you use them do you want a space for birthday & star sign?  I would really appreciate your opinion!


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6 thoughts on “❤Cute Handmade Kokeshi Dolls Address Refills❤”

  1. Oh these are so super cute! Every time you come up with something I fall in love with it and want it – even though I never even use address inserts! I have to say though that if I *were* to go back to a paper system, I would not have any use for birthday or star-sign sections, and would certainly want more room for writing phone numbers. Even with the same pen, my handwriting is nowhere near as delicate as yours, and I would really struggle to write and read anything in such a small space. So cute, though, and so inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much for your opinion, Helen! I’m definitely going to get rid of the birthday & star sign sections and give more space for the phone numbers! And I’m going to design some pagemarkers you were talking about very soon. Happy Christmas!

  2. oh Sachiko!! you amaze me with what you come up with!! Love those pages.. I’m like Helen I wouldnt use the star sign but wouldnt mnd the birthday…but you could do a seperate birthday pages!!!

  3. These are lovely Sachiko. I wouldn’t use the star sign space, and would prefer to have the birthdays as a separate section. I’ll keep an aye open for the personal size in your shop.
    Happy New Year, Emma

    1. Thank you, Emma! I’ve got rid of the space for the star sign & birthday, and added pages for the birthday list as Suzee and Helen suggested 🙂 I’m currently receiving lots of orders and having difficulty finding enough time for designing…! I would appreciate it if you could hang on a bit longer for the personal size… 😉 Have a great New Year!

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