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❤Cute Kokeshi Doll Page Markers Available on eBay❤

Just a quick announcement!

These page markers are now available on eBay for 3 sizes:

Pocket, Personal and A5!

❤❤❤Click to visit my eBay listing↓❤❤❤

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I will put them up on my Etsy shop as well soon!

Now available on Etsy, too!↓↓↓

Thank you 🙂


Filofax, Page-markers

❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll: Set of 3 Pagemarkers ❤❤

Thank you so much for all the comments on the last post!  I really appreciate all of them!

I was planning on writing about my new stickers on this post, but I started working on some new page-markers after reading the comments on my last post, and I’d like to write about them first!

Like *Stationary Addict* said in the comment section, if you set a few page-markers in the binder they would overlap in the same spot and you wouldn’t be able to see the ones behind properly.  I was actually worried about exactly the same thing, so decided to follow what she said:
“would be good to have them staggered like tabs on dividers so they can be more easily seen.”

I worked on them REALLY HARD last night…!

P1120827 copy
And printed them out this morning, TA-DAH!

P1120855 copy
This is after I cut them out and laminated them.

P1120857 copy
So these page-markers have tabs like dividers.

P1120883 copy
Unlike dividers the width of these page-markers is only 5 cm, so the tabs are overlapping like the image above, but you still can see the faces of the Kokeshi girls 🙂

P1120885 copy
I could have made the tabs wider, but I made them like this because I wanted them away from the rings as much as possible as it’s easier to flick them over.

Close shots:

P1120879 blog
P1120880 blog

P1120881 blog
I set them up in the Filofax I’m using now.  They are quite cheerful, aren’t they!

P1120863 blog
I used three Kokeshi girls Clara, Amy and Louise this time, but I’m also thinking of making another set just like these with Saffron and Tama.  I won’t be able to make a set of more than 3 page-markers, but if you get two sets you can have 6 page-markers in total 🙂

Once I make three more page-markers I will put them all up on my Etsy shop!

Thank you for reading!

Filofax, Page-markers

❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll Pagemarkers ❤❤

It was my birthday on Wednesday, and on that day I took the train in the morning to do a Japanese calligraphy (shodo) workshop in Northern Liverpool!  This lovely artist I know teaches pottery and he asked me to do a workshop for his pottery students.  I was totally nervous at the beginning, but his students were really lovely so I could enjoy the workshop myself in the end.  I hope they enjoyed it, too!!

*I’m hiding their faces as I forgot to ask them if it was alright to put the photos up on my blog!

Then in the evening my mother-in-law brought some presents and her homemade birthday cake for me!  It was such a gorgeous cake with chocolate cream inside.

So now my birthday is over, and I’ve been working on some new items like page-markers and calendar stickers.  I’d like to show you some sample page-markers I’ve made.

I made a window in the middle for the blue one.  If there is a window like this it becomes uneven when I laminate it, so it’s not my favourite type of page-marker to make (lol!), but I LOVE the window for some reason so I really wanted to make a sample with a window.

This is how it looks when it’s set in my Pocket sized Filofax (Finsbury).  (I’m thinking of making them in three sizes: Pocket, Personal and A5.)

The ribbon pops out from the top.

This page-marker is approx. 45mm wide.


And the pink one is more simple, but it’s longer.

So you can turn the page from either the top or the bottom.


The width is also 45mm, but it looks quite wide in my Pocket Finsbury, doesn’t it??

I’m thinking of making a set of multiple page-markers instead of just selling one, so I’d like to ask you what kind of set you would like to have!  How many page-markers would you want in one set?  Any preferable size?  Colours?

*You can see more details of the one on the right on THIS PAGE.

I would really appreciate your opinions!!  And thank you for reading!



P1120813 copy


Address Refills are now available for the A5 size as well!

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❤Making Kokeshi Stickers with Silhouette Cameo❤

Ta-daaa!  This is my brand new Silhouette Cameo!!  I finally FINALLY bought it!!


This is a cutting machine I’ve been wanting for a long time.  This little machine can cut not only paper but also fabric or film types of thing to any shapes you like!

I’m still a super beginner, but here is something I’ve made with the Cameo.  The software called Silhouette Studio comes with the Silhouette Cameo, and you trace images using the software to decide where you want to cut.

P1120711 copy

P1120723 copy
But what I really REALLY wanted to try with the Cameo was to make STICKERS!!  You can change the length of the blade before cutting, and if you set it right you can cut stickers without cutting the backing sheet.  Which means you can make a little nice sheet of stickers which has been my dream!

But, oh dear!   I’m horrible at reading manuals (and I had to find the proper manual online as the one included in the box wasn’t good enough!), so I struggled A LOT to make them at the beginning, and to be honest I almost gave up!  But my passion for stickers drove me to the goal lol!!

And here it is!!

P1120706 copy
I’ve been cutting all my stickers out of a sheet one by one using scissors and knives, but using the Cameo I can make a sheet of stickers which is a lot more convenient to carry around with my Filofax 🙂  I punched ring holes, so I can set it in my Filofax like this.

P1120705 copy

P1120708 copy
I actually tried to print on clear adhesive film as well for the first time.  Here is the sample I made.

P1120693 copy
Oh, my God!  I love it!!!
P1120697 copy
This is how it looks like on my page.

P1120698 copy
I really love this clear film, however it seems that my printer doesn’t really like it 😦  So it’s actually quite a hassle to make stickers with it.  Oh.. but I really like these clear stickers so… I will have to figure out how to print them out without any trouble…!

All these stickers are not available in my shop yet, but I’m planning on putting them up very soon (not sure about the clear ones, though!) once I design all the packaging and so on.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you very much for waiting for the address refills for the A5 size!  I’m working on them at the moment, and I hope I can put them up on my shop soon!  Thank you very much for your patience…!

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Filofax, Shrink Plastic Charms

❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll Charm for my Filofax❤❤

It’s already the 7th, but Happy New Year!  I couldn’t update my blog as I’ve been really busy.

I visited Lancaster on Christmas Eve, and I bought this handbag there telling myself that it was my Christmas present…!  When I walked into TKMaxx I wasn’t thinking of buying a handbag at all, but when I saw this colour I just walked to the cashier straight away!!  I’ve always bought black or brown handbags, so this is my very first PINK handbag! Yay!

P1120662 copy

Inside is like this.  You can’t really see in this photo, but I’m using a Tintamar VIP Handbag Organiser inside my handbag 🙂  I bought this handbag organiser ages ago, but it’s still very strong and useful 🙂


Yes, I love Pink & Red 🙂  The coin purse was a gift from my friend’s mum, and the key wallet was a gift from my sister.


By the way, I’ve been trying to make some new things, and I’d like to show you one of them 🙂

Have you seen this post on Ray’s blog “My Life All in One Place“?  When I first saw the photo I coudn’t figure out what those lovely charms were made of!  Then I asked Ray, and his answer was that he used the printable shrink plastic!!  Oh, I LOVED shrink plastic when I was a kid, and was soooo excited to know that now there is printable shrink plastic!!

So I ordered myself a pack of some printable shrink plastic and was waiting until I had some spare time to make some charms for my Filofax!

So here is what I made.  First, I cut an A4 sheet of plastic into 4 pieces as that was how much I needed to use.  Then I printed out my Kokeshi character.  Sorry, all of the photos were taken under my desk lamp, so they are orange-ish.


When it came out of the printer I thought the colour appeared to be a bit faded, but I’m not quite sure if it was because of my printer’s settings or that was just the way it was.

Anyway, I cut them out and made holes.


Then I baked them in the oven for 2 minutes.

Ta-Daaaa!  I put a ball-chain I already had.


I forgot to take a picture of the back of it, but I printed out some pink polka dots on the back as it’s printable on both sides.


I actually wanted to hang it from the top, but the ball-chain is too short.


So I ordered some longer ball-chains, and once they arrive here I’ll put some photos up 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Address refills are now available for the PERSONAL size as well!

Etsy listing↓↓↓

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eBay listing↓↓↓


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