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❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll: Set of 3 Pagemarkers ❤❤

Thank you so much for all the comments on the last post!  I really appreciate all of them!

I was planning on writing about my new stickers on this post, but I started working on some new page-markers after reading the comments on my last post, and I’d like to write about them first!

Like *Stationary Addict* said in the comment section, if you set a few page-markers in the binder they would overlap in the same spot and you wouldn’t be able to see the ones behind properly.  I was actually worried about exactly the same thing, so decided to follow what she said:
“would be good to have them staggered like tabs on dividers so they can be more easily seen.”

I worked on them REALLY HARD last night…!

P1120827 copy
And printed them out this morning, TA-DAH!

P1120855 copy
This is after I cut them out and laminated them.

P1120857 copy
So these page-markers have tabs like dividers.

P1120883 copy
Unlike dividers the width of these page-markers is only 5 cm, so the tabs are overlapping like the image above, but you still can see the faces of the Kokeshi girls 🙂

P1120885 copy
I could have made the tabs wider, but I made them like this because I wanted them away from the rings as much as possible as it’s easier to flick them over.

Close shots:

P1120879 blog
P1120880 blog

P1120881 blog
I set them up in the Filofax I’m using now.  They are quite cheerful, aren’t they!

P1120863 blog
I used three Kokeshi girls Clara, Amy and Louise this time, but I’m also thinking of making another set just like these with Saffron and Tama.  I won’t be able to make a set of more than 3 page-markers, but if you get two sets you can have 6 page-markers in total 🙂

Once I make three more page-markers I will put them all up on my Etsy shop!

Thank you for reading!


13 thoughts on “❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll: Set of 3 Pagemarkers ❤❤”

  1. OK, I want them *now* 🙂 Like, this instant ! I’ve been looking at the personalized dividers for quite some time, but I like these better, as dividers. And OMG, top tabs, something I’ve been longing for, for my Compact Osterley: the paper/card ones I made could never be cute enough, and the laminating ensures that these ones will last.

    So yes, please, do make another set, and you’ll have (yet another) customer 🙂

    1. Hi Frederique, thank you very much for all your comments 🙂 You can leave me a note as you check out on Etsy, so you can let me know the words you’d like on your tabs A to E and also on the registration number cover. (Yes, the registration number cover is also customizable.) I’ve never used a Compact Filofax- can you make sure the Personal sized dividers fit your Compact binder ok? If you have any further questions you can email me or send me a message through Etsy 🙂 My email address is sachiko1979 (at)

  2. I can’t wait to see the second set. They’re useful and so much cuter than the markers that came with filofax.
    I really like the kokeshi dolls and want to have everything in my binder in your design ^_^.

    1. Thank you so much (^o^)! I’m working on several small projects at the moment, but I will try to make different versions with see-through windows after finishing them 🙂 It might take a while, but once I make them I will put them up on this blog!

  3. Oh, wow. Thanks for listening to my idea! Those look so cool! I wouldn’t buy them for myself, as I’m a guy, but I imagine my sister would love them!

    1. Oh!!! You are a guy!!! When I was writing the post I wondered if you were a guy or a girl, then I gambled it and wrote “she” lol! Thank you very much for your helpful comment by the way. I hope I was able to make something close to what you were talking about!

  4. lol. No worries, sounds like you were thinking along the same lines as me anyhow. What you made was EXACTLY what I was talking about! I love your blog because you inspire me to try stuff like this out for myself. Seriously considering getting one of those Silhouette Cameos!

    1. Oh, great!! I actually used my knife and scissors to make these page markers this time, but I worked on the Silhouette Studio (the software it comes with the Cameo) last night and create a file to cut those page markers with the Cameo. So I don’t need to use my scissors from now on 🙂 Setting up the files is still really tricky for me because I’m a newbie, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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