My Day Per Page Refills with Sketches :)

I’ve been making kokeshi girls schedule stickers in my spare time and it’s taken me a long time to design the package but I FINALLY finished it yesterday!

But I haven’t been able to take photos of them yet, so I’ll write about something else today!

So here is what I recently got from Japan.

P1120989 copy
I had been looking for plastic binders with 6 rings to organise my used refills, but I couldn’t find any in the UK.  (Please let me know if you know where to get them in the UK!)

So I ended up ordering several of them on Japanese Tokyu Hands website and got them delivered to my sister’s place in Japan. Then she finally sent them over to me recently.

So I could organise all my old refills nicely at last! 🙂

P1120996 copy

P1130015 copy
I used to make my own Day Per Page refills, and I started looking through them as I was sorting them out.

P1120997 copy
I used to draw what I ate for supper each day 🙂

I had been using my own Week On Two Pages refills, but I recently started making my own Day Per Page refills again, and I’m loving them!

And here is what I made for my to-do list. It’s laminated and quite sturdy.

P1130120 copy
I write what I have to do on sticky notes and put them on this sheet.

P1130119 copy
Well, there isn’t enough space to be honest, so there is still a lot to improve, but it’s good enough for now.  Because there isn’t enough space on the sheet, the left page is also covered with more sticky notes most of the time.

I write a shopping list on the orange sticky notes, and I stick it to my mobile phone when I got to the supermarket. (I wrote about it HERE before.)

Thank you for reading and I hope I can show you the new stickers very soon!

sachiko black


My Paintings

Message Card and Envelope Design :)

I’ve been writing only about page markers lately, so I’d like to write about something different today!

First I have to show you my Hello Kitty shopper & pencil case I bought recently!! 🙂

kitty shopper & pencil case

They had 50% off so it was just impossible for me to resist them!!!


And I’d like to show you what I made for my friend the other day 🙂

My friend who lives in Japan recently opened her aroma therapy massage spa, and she asked me to design some message cards which she wants to give to her customers.

We discussed it via e-mail a few times, and she sent me this rough sketch.  It’s all written in Japanese, so I put some translation 🙂

rps20130211_225144 copy
Her three cats were the main design and here is my sketch:

P1130104 copy
I then fixed it a bit and coloured it on Photoshop.

P1130116 copy

Then printed it and cut it out to see what it looked like…

mocca printed copy
She asked me to make a matching envelope as well.
mocca envelopes

I made a dot version as well:

P1130111 copy

I’m so happy that she loved them, and I really enjoyed making them as well!

Thank you for reading!




❤New Sets of Kokeshi Doll Page Markers❤

Do you remember this page marker?

P1120936 copy

I made a sample for the A5 size, but unfortunately I totally failed 😦   As I wrote in my previous post a page marker with a see-thru window becomes too uneven when it’s laminated.  I can make it flat enough using a clothes iron if it’s a small size as a POCKET size, but it’s just impossible for the A5 size.  I haven’t made a sample for the PERSONAL size yet, but I’ll write about the result when I make one.

So, at the moment, this set of 3 page markers is ONLY available for the POCKET size↓. Thank you all for your opinions and I’m sorry I couldn’t make sets for the Personal and A5 sizes.

❤Available HERE

set of 3 pocket size


As you may notice in the photos above, I changed the shape of the see-thru window of the ribbon page marker.
A page marker becomes uneven if it has a large see-thru window, so I made small heart windows instead of one big window↓.


Originally I was going to make a set of 3 page markers (the large one, the one with a ribbon and the simple rectangular one), but because I can’t make the large one for the A5 size, I decided to make these sets instead↓.

A Set of 3 Ribbon Page Markers for 3 sizes:

ribbon markers 3 sizes

P1130045 copy

ribbon marker pocket close up copy

Ribbon Pocket Size 6 photos

And here is another set of 3 page markers for 3 sizes:

simple markers set of 3

P1130056 copy

simple markers from the side

simple markers close up

Simple Pocket Size 6 photos

All the page markers are available here↓↓↓.



❤Kokeshi Page Markers (Yellow Version) & Silhouette Cameo❤

I had a busy week, but I was able to take some photos, so I’d like to show them to you today!
First, the page markers!  I wrote about them in this post once before, but I’ve changed some designs to make them look like a set.  I made a yellow version as well, and they are all for the Pocket size at the moment.

P1120906 copy

The page marker without a window used to be longer but I made it shorter as I thought it was better balanced with other two as a set- what do you think??  But if the longer version is better/more useful I can make it back to the longer version again.

Previous/longer version:


Here is the new/shorter version.  See? No more bottom tab.  What do you think?

short version

And here is the yellow version.

P1120908 copy
PINK version:

Set of 3 markers PINK copy
YELLOW version:

Set of 3 markers YELLOW copy
A page marker with a see-thru window looks nice, but it’s quite tricky for me to make it.  Because it becomes uneven by the heat of the laminator, so I have to flatten it using a clothes iron afterwards which takes time.

See? I think it doesn’t look so nice if it’s uneven like this:

And it usually gets even worse with a larger page markers, so I’ll have to make some larger samples for Personal & A5 size to see how it goes.

I’m using this page marker for the monthly calendar in my Pocket Filofax at the moment, and it looks like this.

P1120985 copy
Oh, my!!!  Somebody just ran over my binder!

P1120986 copy
It was Charlie!!

P1120918 copy
Anyway, I will make some minor changes to the page markers, and then when they are ready I will put them up in my shop!

And here is my Silhouette Cameo again!  I made some stickers and include one in each package for a customer as a free gift.

P1120963 copy
One of them is going to be included in your package!

P1120964 copy
And there are stickers to put on each item.  Oh, I LOVE stickers and I really enjoyed making them!!

P1120970 copy
I think I’m getting used to using the Silhouette Cameo / Silhouette Studio (the software), so I’m less frustrated lol!  By the way, you can buy designs on Silhouette Online Store so you can make some really nice stuff even if you are not familiar with designing.  When I bought my Cameo a $10 gift voucher was included, and I think it’s included in every Cameo 🙂  I’ve only had a quick look on the Silhouette Online Store, but the designs looked really nice and each design was just about 99 cents, so I might buy some of them using my voucher sometime.

Their online store looks like this:

silhouette store
I was actually going to write about the schedule stickers I made, but it’s getting long again so probably I’ll write about them next time!

Thank you for reading!

Page markers are available on my Etsy shop↓

pagemarkers button

eBay listing is here↓

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