❤Kokeshi Page Markers (Yellow Version) & Silhouette Cameo❤

I had a busy week, but I was able to take some photos, so I’d like to show them to you today!
First, the page markers!  I wrote about them in this post once before, but I’ve changed some designs to make them look like a set.  I made a yellow version as well, and they are all for the Pocket size at the moment.

P1120906 copy

The page marker without a window used to be longer but I made it shorter as I thought it was better balanced with other two as a set- what do you think??  But if the longer version is better/more useful I can make it back to the longer version again.

Previous/longer version:


Here is the new/shorter version.  See? No more bottom tab.  What do you think?

short version

And here is the yellow version.

P1120908 copy
PINK version:

Set of 3 markers PINK copy
YELLOW version:

Set of 3 markers YELLOW copy
A page marker with a see-thru window looks nice, but it’s quite tricky for me to make it.  Because it becomes uneven by the heat of the laminator, so I have to flatten it using a clothes iron afterwards which takes time.

See? I think it doesn’t look so nice if it’s uneven like this:

And it usually gets even worse with a larger page markers, so I’ll have to make some larger samples for Personal & A5 size to see how it goes.

I’m using this page marker for the monthly calendar in my Pocket Filofax at the moment, and it looks like this.

P1120985 copy
Oh, my!!!  Somebody just ran over my binder!

P1120986 copy
It was Charlie!!

P1120918 copy
Anyway, I will make some minor changes to the page markers, and then when they are ready I will put them up in my shop!

And here is my Silhouette Cameo again!  I made some stickers and include one in each package for a customer as a free gift.

P1120963 copy
One of them is going to be included in your package!

P1120964 copy
And there are stickers to put on each item.  Oh, I LOVE stickers and I really enjoyed making them!!

P1120970 copy
I think I’m getting used to using the Silhouette Cameo / Silhouette Studio (the software), so I’m less frustrated lol!  By the way, you can buy designs on Silhouette Online Store so you can make some really nice stuff even if you are not familiar with designing.  When I bought my Cameo a $10 gift voucher was included, and I think it’s included in every Cameo 🙂  I’ve only had a quick look on the Silhouette Online Store, but the designs looked really nice and each design was just about 99 cents, so I might buy some of them using my voucher sometime.

Their online store looks like this:

silhouette store
I was actually going to write about the schedule stickers I made, but it’s getting long again so probably I’ll write about them next time!

Thank you for reading!

Page markers are available on my Etsy shop↓

pagemarkers button

eBay listing is here↓

top image


14 thoughts on “❤Kokeshi Page Markers (Yellow Version) & Silhouette Cameo❤

  1. ohhhh my gosh! I haven’t used my Holborn pocket lately but I WANT these dividers so bad I will go back to using it !!! LOL I love the stickers! I can’t wait til you get them in the shop! I want the pink set…. I like the marker shorter too.. I personally don’t like anything like that at the bottom.. very often I might use a sticker tab to mark something at the bottom.. HAHA I love Charlie! I remember the last post on him.. wonder how SHE has been! I miss my little critters =)
    I will be looking for the listings on etsy! I’m sure I will empty my paypal account on this order lol
    I got a question.. I know the names of each girl are on the bottoms.. is there a way to personalize with a certain name?

    • Oh, Suzee, I’m so happy you like them! 🙂 Funny enough, I was just thinking about making some sticker tabs for my binder, and you just mentioned it! So you like that page marker shorter as well? I think I’ll keep that length! 🙂 Yes, it’s possible to personalise the page marker, but it could be a bit tricky with the Cameo, I’m not sure yet. (I’m using the Cameo to get them cut out now.) I couldn’t do anything yesterday because my pc had a big problem, but now it’s all fixed so I’m working on these page markers again today! 😉

      • yes I like the shorter ones. I can’t wait for your shop to have these.. i want dividers too.. I’m doing a switch from my Franklin Covey Compact (personal size in FF) to the Holborn pocket.. I will be using the pocket for my weekly monthly planner. and the FC will be for budgets and bills and passwords.. I been wanting to carry my binder with me lately and with the FC its like HUGE ( i stuff it) hope you got the pc worked out!

        • Oh! So you’ll start using the Pocket size as well! I’ve never used a FC binder, but it must look HUGE to me as I’ve only used the Pocket size!! (But it doens’t look huge at all in your photos!) Yeah, I think it’s a great idea to have two different binders for different purposes 🙂 It’s quite tricky to make 3 different kinds of page markers for 3 different sizes and do all the adjusting on Silhouette Studio, but hopefully I can show you the final products soon!

  2. Love! Love! Love!!! I also like the shorter version so the tab doesn’t stick out on the bottom and I love your curly girl because she has wild curly hair like me!!! Wonderful products! You are so talented! mj

    Madeliene J. Cox

    • Thank you very much, Madeliene! I’m really happy that you like my products! 🙂 And thank you for letting me know that you like the shorter version as well! Hehe, so you like Louise! I’ve thought about personalities of each character, and Louise has the most funky/cheerful personality while Amy (the brunette girl) has a shy/quiet personality 😉

  3. I literally LOL’d when you posted the photo of “somebody running over your planner” D: Hehe! I really like your page markers! They’re really cute and I, also, like the shorter version. I don’t mind things sticking out the bottom like the Filofax one but I find that I turn more pages with the top tab.

    • Hi Linda! When I was taking photos Charlie became so desperate to leave her cage for a walk so I let her out. She was running about in the room so happily while I was taking photos of those page markers lol! So, I’ll definitely go for the shorter version as it seems more popular, thank you 😉 By the way, was the illustration on the top page of your shop drawn by you? It’s really nice!!

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