❤New Sets of Kokeshi Doll Page Markers❤

Do you remember this page marker?

P1120936 copy

I made a sample for the A5 size, but unfortunately I totally failed 😦   As I wrote in my previous post a page marker with a see-thru window becomes too uneven when it’s laminated.  I can make it flat enough using a clothes iron if it’s a small size as a POCKET size, but it’s just impossible for the A5 size.  I haven’t made a sample for the PERSONAL size yet, but I’ll write about the result when I make one.

So, at the moment, this set of 3 page markers is ONLY available for the POCKET size↓. Thank you all for your opinions and I’m sorry I couldn’t make sets for the Personal and A5 sizes.

❤Available HERE

set of 3 pocket size


As you may notice in the photos above, I changed the shape of the see-thru window of the ribbon page marker.
A page marker becomes uneven if it has a large see-thru window, so I made small heart windows instead of one big window↓.


Originally I was going to make a set of 3 page markers (the large one, the one with a ribbon and the simple rectangular one), but because I can’t make the large one for the A5 size, I decided to make these sets instead↓.

A Set of 3 Ribbon Page Markers for 3 sizes:

ribbon markers 3 sizes

P1130045 copy

ribbon marker pocket close up copy

Ribbon Pocket Size 6 photos

And here is another set of 3 page markers for 3 sizes:

simple markers set of 3

P1130056 copy

simple markers from the side

simple markers close up

Simple Pocket Size 6 photos

All the page markers are available here↓↓↓.



15 thoughts on “❤New Sets of Kokeshi Doll Page Markers❤”

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for your comment and I’m really happy that you like my items! Yes, it is possible to make 3 page markers in the same colour 🙂 If you order them just leave me a note and let me know that you’d like them all in red 😉 xx

  1. So lovely, as always! What a pity the A5 marker didn’t work! I tried my own rough mock-up which I’ve been using, and I used a sheet of clear acetate (a binding cover) to make the middle, which is working quite well. I might try covering it with plastic film, but I haven’t bothered yet, to be honest – I just used a whole sheet and folded it in half, lol!

              1. You’re very kind 🙂 It’s only fair – you’re the one who has inspired me to try kawaii at all, let alone to bring it to my filofaxes!

  2. Cute cutee cute!!! I am going to order the 3 pack page markers in pocket.. I got a couple of questions. what does it say on the clear window divider on the tab on top? and is there a way to personalize the name where it says Claire in the pink set?

    1. Thank you, Suzee! Sorry, the photos were too small, weren’t they? I just added a new photo to the post – to answer your first question it says “Hi!” as you can see in the new photo. And I will send you an e-mail to answer your second question! 🙂

    1. I’m disappointed about the A5 size as well 😦 I’m making a sample for the Personal size today- I hope it’ll come out nicely! I’m happy to know that you like the bow markers! 🙂

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