Should I make weekly refills?

Time flies!!  It’s already in April and I hope you had a nice Easter holiday!

When I went to the post office after Easter I got really surprised that the prices got raised AGAIN (mainly the international postage)!!  So I had to raise the P&P for the items at Japan Corner as well even though I hate to do that 😦
It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post, and I can’t remember what I was going to write this time, but here is my quick painting of a Maneki Neko.  Maneki Neko means “beckoning cat” and it’s believed to invite good fortune!
P1130234 copy
Actually, this painting has been taken out of the frame and now it’s ready to be sent because someone wanted to purchase it!

By the way, I’ve been receiving quite a few inquiries about the week-on-two-pages refills.  I’ve been selling monthly refills and address refills, but not weekly refills.  The reason for this is that the maximum pages I can print out in one go is about 26 pages (for the POCKET & PERSONAL) like the monthly refills I’m selling now because the colour printing with my inkjet printer takes a veeeeeery long time 😦  (Even though my printer is still quite new!)

26 pages means the maximum I could make for week-on-two-pages would be 12 weeks (3 months).  The price would be about the same price as the monthly refills which means it would cost quite a lot if you wanted them for a whole year.  But if there is still demand for them I would give it a try, you know…

Anyway, I’ve already received quite a few inquries, so I guess I would try to do some designing first.  I don’t know when I can finish making them, but if they turn out to be nice refills I will show them to you here on this blog!



16 thoughts on “Should I make weekly refills?

  1. Hiiii! I’ve missed your blog posts! I almost emailed you the other day but figured you still trying to settle in! Oh anything you make will be a good thing! I love your weekly inserts. I think 3 months wouldn’t be bad. Most move back and forth different sizes anyways lol..maybe make them undated? Oh I grabbed your button for my blog too! Thank you for adding mine!

    • Hi Suzee, I just read your latest post! OMG, you got flu (even twice!!)!! You must be feeling weak still- hope you’ll be 100% better soon. Oh, yes, if I make weekly refills they would be undated 🙂 Thanks for adding my button on your blog, too. I like your button, it looks really nice 🙂

    • Hi! And I am so sorry, but I’m not selling monthly refills for the A5 size 😦 When I wrote “26 pages” I meant for the POCKET & PERSONAL sizes, I’m sorry I forgot to mention that…! I wish I could make any type for refills, but at the moment it’s a bit too difficult for me to print many pages especially for the large size like A5. A laser printer might be able to print more quickly, but I only have an inkjet printer which is really slow and it uses up a lot of ink as well.

  2. Am I glad to read from you again! Your Maneki Neko is absolutely beautiful! Please tell me – what do the Kanji on the left mean?

    On Saturday I picked up my new Filofax (a Personal Chameleon in raspberry). I moved right in and I’m absolutely in love with it!

    Regina, happy

    • Thank you, Regina! The kanji characters on the left side (商売繁盛) read “shou bai han jou” and it means like “prosperous business”. (Maneki neko brings good luck/customers/money to your business!)

      You must be so happy with your new Filofax!!- Raspberry is one of my favourite colours, too!!

  3. Go-hon’yaku arigatou gozaimashita!

    Did I get that right? Sorry, I have no way yet of incorporating Kanji and Kana anywhere on the Internet. I feel lucky to get them in MS Word.

    It’s true, I really am happy with my new Filo. The pattern, especially with that colour, looks like lots of tiny hearts. I love that! And Cam feels entirely different from my Metropol. No comparison, really…

  4. If you made undated daily pages for the pocket (like the personal-size Day Planner) that would be completely amazing. I think Filofax only sells the Day Planner in packs of 20, so you wouldn’t actually have to sell a whole year at a time. To be honest, I have a pen that erases when I put the pages in the microwave, so I wouldn’t need the entire year’s worth, I would just reuse them! However, I would still buy week on two pages if daily is impossible/not enough demand as long as it had Saturday and Sunday the same size as the other days (for some reason Filofax only does this on the cotton cream inserts). Also, if they were decorated like your monthly pages I would definitely be in!

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for the info & ideas!! 😉 I can try to design some daily pages (do you mean day-per-page refills?) as well, but I only can do about 26 pages, not 26 sheets…so maybe it’s not enough…? As for the weekly refills I’ll make sure that Saturday and Sunday are the same size as the other days 🙂

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  6. I love the weekly refill you made! Would be brilliant if you could have put the words ‘To Do’ on the empty blank space ! Looking forward to more designs for my filofax pocket!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 I originally thought about that, too, but I decided not to type anything in that space because I thought some people would use that space for something else, you know. I’m planning on designing new weekly refills with my new animal characters soon! 🙂 I’ll put them up here once I finish them! x

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