“Today” Marker with a Bunny for the Personal Size!

I don’t have much time today, so just a quick update today!

I showed you my new “Today” marker for the Pocket size in my last post, and I’ve made some for the Personal size as well 🙂  I couldn’t make a large window like the Pocket sized version, because if I put a large window on the Personal sized version it will be totally uneven by the heat when I laminate it.

So I cut out smaller windows like below (I used my Silhouette Cameo!) and I added some buntings as well!

P1130551 copy

P1130552 copy
This is the one I showed you in my last post- it’s for the Pocket size.  I like the buntings so I will make the Pocket sized version with the new design as well!

P1130500 copy
I set the green one in my husband’s organiser lol (because I don’t have any Personal size FF!!)

P1130553 copy
Dots are printed on the back side.

(Sorry! Dots are no longer printed on the back side!)

P1130554 copy
OK, so it was a quick update and I hope I can show you more next time! 🙂

sachiko black


New Handmade Today Marker for my Pocket Finsbury!

I wonder if Filofax is ever going to make The Original for the Pocket size!!  I hope they will because I love it very much!  Especially the red one 🙂

OK, I’ve got some photos to show you today because I made some new page markers for my Pocket Finsbury!

Here is the Today Marker I made the other day 🙂  Not a kokeshi girl but a rabbit girl this time, hehe 😛

P1130500 copyI always draw some sketches on a piece of paper first, and then trace it on the computer.


Here is my new daily refill (not for selling but for my own use).  I often modify the format and I like this new simple format which I just modified last weekend.

P1130497 copy

Here is the photo of my daily refills and the today marker in my Filofax 🙂

P1130501 copy

Here is another new page marker for the monthly pages.

P1130504 copy

The tabs look like this 🙂

P1130512 copy

P1130508 copy

P1130507 copy

OK, this is the last photo!  This is just a trial version and you can keep some small notes or receipts in it.  I’m not 100% happy with it yet, so not really sure if I’m im going to add this in my shop or not.

P1130515 copy

Back of it.

P1130526 copy

Thank you for reading and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

sachiko black


Quickly Made “Container”

Can’t believe it’s already Friday!

There are actually several things I want to change in my Filofax- I want to make new dividers, re-make my daily refills, get rid of some refills & add some new refills…etc.  I hope I can do all that over this bank holiday weekend!

There is nothing I can show you at the moment, so I’ll show you some photos of something I made quickly the other day.

I wanted to make something in which to keep my small bits and pieces, so as usual I designed on my computer first.  Well, it’s not really designing, just dots and stripes lol!

Then printed them out on card.

Cut them out and folded them.

Then just glue them together! 🙂

I added some dividers inside…


And this is how I’m using it.

It’s been quite useful 😉

So… that’s all for today lol!  I hope I can show you something more exciting next time!

Oh! I’ve taken a video of my hamster Charlie recently, but I haven’t edited it yet, so I’ll show you some still photos of it.

Charlie was busy stuffing her pouches with her favourite food!


By the way, she always brings food back to her house and eats it inside there .

going back home
After stuffing her pouches she always looks at me as if she’s saying

“Is that all?” 

This is the face I’m talking about↓
She was looking at me like that for 1 or 2 seconds- this face always makes me giggle! 🙂


I hope you will have a wonderful bank holiday weekend (if you live in the UK!), and oh!, the orders placed over the weekend will be sent from Tuesday onwards as the post office is closed this Monday!

Thank you for reading!

sachiko black