Quickly Made “Container”

Can’t believe it’s already Friday!

There are actually several things I want to change in my Filofax- I want to make new dividers, re-make my daily refills, get rid of some refills & add some new refills…etc.  I hope I can do all that over this bank holiday weekend!

There is nothing I can show you at the moment, so I’ll show you some photos of something I made quickly the other day.

I wanted to make something in which to keep my small bits and pieces, so as usual I designed on my computer first.  Well, it’s not really designing, just dots and stripes lol!

Then printed them out on card.

Cut them out and folded them.

Then just glue them together! 🙂

I added some dividers inside…


And this is how I’m using it.

It’s been quite useful 😉

So… that’s all for today lol!  I hope I can show you something more exciting next time!

Oh! I’ve taken a video of my hamster Charlie recently, but I haven’t edited it yet, so I’ll show you some still photos of it.

Charlie was busy stuffing her pouches with her favourite food!


By the way, she always brings food back to her house and eats it inside there .

going back home
After stuffing her pouches she always looks at me as if she’s saying

“Is that all?” 

This is the face I’m talking about↓
She was looking at me like that for 1 or 2 seconds- this face always makes me giggle! 🙂


I hope you will have a wonderful bank holiday weekend (if you live in the UK!), and oh!, the orders placed over the weekend will be sent from Tuesday onwards as the post office is closed this Monday!

Thank you for reading!

sachiko black


8 thoughts on “Quickly Made “Container”

  1. awwwwww Ive missed seeing Charlie!!!
    I love the little box you made!!! cute! and why would you re make your dividers?? they are great! but does that mean you will be selling NEW ONES??? hehe just seeing your filofax page laying there looks so neat! I should send you a picture of my week.. A MESS! lol

    • Thank you, Suzee!! I’m not re-making my dividers, but adding new ones because I’ve been wanting to have page markers which say “Today” and “Month” 😉 I made them yesterday and haven’t taken photos of them yet, but if I do I will put them up here (^o^)! By the way, my Filofax is Finsbury and it doesn’t lie flat when you buy it, but because I often leave it open like that on my desk it lies flat perfectly now! 😉

  2. Kawaii Charlie-chan! And I love your container with the happy colours!

    Yours is a Finsbury? What colour? I’m asking because I am going to pick up my new Finsbury this afternoon. I can’t believe how short a time it took, even though the package never left Germany on its way here. This new one is blue, the wonderful blue of a cloudless sky. I can hardly wait!

    • Arigatou, Regina! Yes, mine is Finsbury, and the colour is Antique Rose 🙂 Great! So you’ve just got a new Finsbury!! It must be so beautiful 😉 My first Filofax was Aqua Finsbury, and I loved it very much but I ruined the front cover one day so I’m no longer using it 😦

    • Thank you very much, Melissa! I used to use Adobe Illustrator, but I lost the software by accident and started using Photoshop, and I still use Photoshop. I prefer Illustrator, though!

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