❤CUTE Today & Month markers for Pocket & Personal Size❤

Thank you so much for waiting!!  “Today” and “Month” markers are finally ready and up on my Etsy shop 🙂

Pocket Size is HERE

Personal Size is HERE

So here are the “Today” & “Month” markers for the Pocket size!

(It’s a set of two page markers.)

Pocket Today & Month Markers Image woth words


“Today” markers

Pocket Today Markers Image

“Month” markers

Pocket Month Markers Image




And here are the ones for the Personal Size:

4 variations woth words


Personal Today Markers Image

Personal Month Markers Image

I hope you had a lovely weekend!!

sachiko black


33 thoughts on “❤CUTE Today & Month markers for Pocket & Personal Size❤

  1. OH MY GOSH SOO CUTE!!! I was about to put in a order last night and decided to wait today , I’m glad I did as I want those markers!! Now I need to decide what color!!! I moved into my Holborn personal from my Holborn pocket.. I still use the pocket with your lovely today markers you made for me!! I have a couple questions for you but will email to you later.. going to write my order down! LOL

  2. Once again you have created another super adorable item that my Filofax must have (my Filofax insists on being pretty and cute, hehe). The Today and Month page markers are great. I know that Genesis and I will have to place an order during our lunch break tomorrow, but how will I ever decide which color to get?!? 😀

    • Thank you, Denise! And your items are now on the way! 🙂 I hope you and Genesis will like the items, and I hope the Today & Month markers will look nice in your Filofax! 😉 x

    • Thank you, Doris! I already told you in my message, but the yellow ones would look perfect in your orange FF! 😉 (But of course other colours would look nice as well!!) x

    • Hi Patricia! I just checked the Bright Purple Saffiano on the internet- it’s SO beautiful!!!! Your A5 dividers & address refills are on the way, and I hope you’ll receive them soon! 🙂 x

  3. hey! i was wondering if you have agenda planner covers as well! ive been trying to get hello kitty covers/jackets so I can just use a refillable agenda! but i cant seem to find cute covers or they are way toooo expensive 😦 please help me! by the way im planning to buy from japan corner next week you ship to the philippines right?

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment 🙂 Yes, I ship everything worldwide! Unfortunately I don’t sell any covers/jackets for planners 😦 I only sell some dividers, page markers, refills and stickers. Looking forward to receiving your order! 😉

      • Great I’m excited too I just need to find myself a nice cover! Im excited! I tried ordering from filofax uk. But I don’t think they ship here to the philippines! 😖 They only ship to singapore/Taiwan/hong kong for asian destinations.

  4. also ive been trying to get a hold of a filafax planner/agenda but i cant seem to find a seller who ships all the way here to the philippines i will finally try the filofax website 😦

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