❤Dividers with New Animal Characters❤

Thank you very much for waiting!  The new dividers for the Pocket size are almost ready to be put up on my Etsy shop!
This time I have made two versions with top tabs and side tabs because I have received many requests for the side tabs 🙂

P1130801 copy
Here are some sketches for the new characters!

img041 copy
Sorry, the image isn’t big enough, but there are 4 versions:

Side & Top Tabs
Registration number covers: Pink, Purple, Yellow and Blue

Registration number covers copy
Top tabs:

P1130827 copy
It was my first time to work on some side tabs, and the reason why I’ve never sold any dividers with side tabs is that I thought they would easily get damaged by a penloop.  However it seems that there are a lot of people who prefer side tabs rather than top tabs, so I thought I would give it a try at least!

Now here are some dividers which came with my Filofax when I bought it.

I decided to make my tabs just like these tabs as they don’t touch my penloop.  The length of these Filofax tabs is 6mm long, so I made mine 5mm so they will be 6mm long when they are laminated.
P1130810 copy

P1130811 copy
Do you think these tabs are too short??  But if I make them taller then they would definitely touch the penloop 😦  Even now they might touch the pen loop if you set lots of refills in your Filofax.

By the way, does anyone have Filofax dividers/tabs for Personal and A5 size?  Are the tabs also 6mm or are they taller than 6mm??

Oh!  And I’m going to sell these dividers for the Pocket, Personal and A5 size 🙂  I really hope I can put them up on my Etsy shop soon!!

Thank you for reading!

sachiko black


19 thoughts on “❤Dividers with New Animal Characters❤

  1. Greetings,
    I simply love the new animal dividers….I prefer the top tabs over the side ones, but that’s just my taste. I recieved my new order from u and really like the dividers. I posted pictures of them on Instagram. Please email when the new dividers are available on Etsy along with the prices. If you are on Instagram please let me know, would like to your talented work on there.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Karen! I’m so glad to hear that you received your items and liked the dividers! 🙂 I’d love to see your photos on Instagram! My ID is sachiko_filofaxlove 🙂 I’m going to announce it when the new dividers are ready on my Etsy shop! 😉

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  3. Wowwwwwww, those dividers are cute! I’m really happy that I’ve been waiting to order dividers for my Personal Saffiano!
    I’m defently going to order them when they are up for sale!! Can’t wait.
    You are really a talented woman!
    Ohw and I prefer top tabs over the side ones but the side tabes are also cute…

    • Thank you very much, Patricia! I personally prefer top tabs as well, but I have too many top tabs in my FF at the moment so I might start combining both top and side tabs and see how it works!

      I’m trying my best to get those new dividers for 3 sizes, and I really hope I can put them all up on my Etsy shop soon!! 😉 x

  4. I actually think that the top tabs are more convenient… I guess a lot of people prefer the side tabs because they’re used to it. Also, I’m still on the fence about a filofax but seeing all these wonderful dividers make buying one all the more tempting! Wish I could be as creative!

    • I used to use notebook-style planners for so many years and to be honest I wasn’t so sure about Filofax before using it! But I love it so much now because i can totally customize it! I hope you’ll decide to buy a Filofax as well, hehe 🙂 x

  5. omgosh Im dying of all of the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im thinking of wanting the side tabs for my Arc planner I’m using now.its different but love my page set ups!! .. I need to measure it but I’m pretty sure the pages are same size if not teeny bit off from the A5.. I was wondering if you could not punch holes and that way I could punch them with my arc puncher..? I also really need a today marker for the it too! omg these are so freaking adorable!! I love your work!!
    I like top and side tabs and even used them all at once and even made a bottom tab at one time!! I think the size of the side tabs you have look ok..by time you close it the tabs they would move over towards the pen..

    • Thank you, Suzee!! I’m really happy to hear that you think they are cute!! I’m actually making something with a bottom tab as well! I’ll write about it when it’s ready 🙂 Oh, yes, of course I can leave your dividers unpunched. We can discuss that when you are ready to order 🙂

      As for the side tabs, though, I’m still not quite sure how tall they can be. So you think 6mm is alright for the Personal and A5 size? Do you have any Filofax-made tabs like the ones in my photo on this post by any chance? You know, the paper made ones which come with the refills when you buy a brand new FF? I’d like to make my dividers with the same dimensions as those, if possible to be safe, you know?

  6. Yes I do have some of the paper tabs.. you are right for a personal size in 6mm but I have a set for the A5 and they are close to a 10mm x 37mm that belong to “numbered” tabs (I’m not sure of the purpose of these lol) and then I have some that are 9mm x 20mm that belong to the month tabs.. I measured a few times to be sure.. Someone can maybe double check it??? hope this helps!

    • Suzee!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much for measuring them!!!!!! I live in a small town so I was thinking that I would probably need to go to the big city where the stationery shops are to see the actual Personal and A5 size Filofax and measure the tabs at the shop!

      So, for the Personal size I will make the tabs 6mm tall like my Pocket sized ones, and I’ll go for 9mm for the A5 sized ones! Thank you so much for your help, Suzee!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You really saved my time so I can finish designing the Personal & A5 dividers more quickly!!

  7. suuuuuuuuper cute! i would love these once they’re in the shop. i knew there was a reason why i didn’t order anything in the first place because these were being conjured up by you! 😀 would you be able to make both top and side tabs? i use both in my filofax. hehe.

    • Thank you, Justine! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that you like these new dividers!! 🙂 Do you mean you want two tabs (top & side) on each divider? It’s absolutely possible but I would need to modify all the files for you so it would be a commission order. We can discuss more when you are ready to place an order 😉 I’m working on getting all the new dividers ready to put up on my shop hopefully this weekend!

      • hello, hello! thank you for the reply~ i just realized that you make both top and side tabs but separately. hehe. i’ll just have to place an order for both as i use side tabs and top tabs (which are used within my side tabs). i can’t wait to see them up in the shop! 😀 thank you once again~

        • Hi Justine! Just wanted to let you know that the new animal dividers are ready for the Pocket and Personal size on my Etsy shop now 🙂 I’m working on the A5 size at the moment, and I think I can get the listings ready for the A5 size very soon as well! 😉 x

    • Hi Doris! Thank you very much for your comment, and I’m very sorry for my late reply!! I’m so glad to hear that you like my new animal dividers 🙂 I’ve just managed to get the listings up on my Etsy shop for the Pocket & Personal size this evening, but I’m still working on the A5 size. I think I can get them ready pretty soon, though!! 😉 x

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