Made a sheet for sticky notes :)

I ordered a handmade wallet from Suzee’s shop on Etsy called Applehead Threads, and it arrived with lots of goodies! 🙂  Thank you, Suzee!!


She let me choose the fabrics, and I’m so happy with what she made for me with the purple leopard print!!!  I absolutely LOVE the leopard print!!! 🙂  She even made a little keyring with the same fabrics for me!! 🙂


There are pockets for cards, mobile phone and money.   I put some change inside as well, but it didn’t become bulky at all to my surprise!


It’s really well made as you can see!!


I used to carry my wallet, key wallet, coin purse, mobile phone, etc, etc… in my handbag when I went shopping in the Village nearby.  Or sometimes I just carried my wallet, key wallet and mobile in my hand, and I dropped my mobile the other day and almost broke it!!  But from now on I just need to carry this wallet and don’t need to worry about dropping my phone, either!! 😉


Suzee’s shop and blog are here:




By the way, do you still remember this photo?

P1130120 copy

I wrote about it in this post before- it’s a sheet for a to do list.  I write down what I need to do on sticky notes and put them on this sheet instead of writing a to do list on a piece of paper.

P1130119 copy

Some people sent me messages and asked me if I was going to sell it in my shop.  So I was going to redesign it to sell, but I became really busy and it was postponed for…ever!!!

Then I was finally able to re-make a sample recently.


I could have used  Kokeshi doll characters, but I used a Piggy character this time.  I made a sheet on the left side to put some spare sticky notes, and the sheet on the right side is for a to do list.   I’ve always been wanting to make a sheet on which you can put some spare sticky notes, but I really need to sell it as part of a set. So what I made is a set of a sticky notes sheet and to do list sheet.  Do you think it would be useful??  Or would you rather have page markers or something in the set?

I made a bottom tab for an easy access.

P1140050 copy

Thank you for reading!


14 thoughts on “Made a sheet for sticky notes :)

  1. Love the to do sheet!!!! I could really benefit from that one. I have been using a clear sheet/envelope and I just move it from either day to day or week. But yours would be so much prettier!!!
    Would love to ser it in personal size and with Kokeshi dolls ( to match my calendar ;0) ) nice work as always Sachiko

    • Thank you, Erika! And I’m so sorry for my late reply!! Glad to hear that you think the “to do list sheet” would be useful! Oh, yes, I’ll make sure to create a set with the kokeshi doll characters as well 😉 My shop is really busy at the moment, but when things slow down a bit I can start work on them! x

  2. You are welcome!

    awww your little wallet is so perfect with all your items inside!!! Maybe I should make a keychain for all the wallets and somehow include it to attach to the inside of the wallet??
    ADORE the to do sheet! that would save a lot of bigger sheets of paper!!! and I always love to use sticky tabs!!! the bottom tab is brilliant!!! (tiny hearts! AWWW!!!)) The set as it is would be good! what does the back sides look like???
    Reading your blog makes me smile!!! lol

    • Thank you, Suzee! And I’m so sorry for my late reply!! Oh, yes, I think it would be wonderful if you could include a keychaing because it’s been really useful for me! 🙂 But if you have several keys to carry they probably won’t fit in the wallet I guess lol!!

      It’s great that you think the to do list sheet would be useful as well!! I really hope things slow down a bit soon so I can start work on them! And I’ll stick with the bottom tab 🙂 Oh, I printed dots on the back as a trial, but I might try stripes as well!

  3. OMG – I love this!! I love the little piggy and the bottom tag! Very useful (the bottom tag). 🙂 I would order this with the month on 2 pages for 2014. (Are the monthly pages coming out soon? I haven’t checked your shop yet.) Thank you! Lisa

    • Hi LIsa! Thank you very much for your comment and I am terribly sorry for my late reply!!!! I haven’t been able to start work on the monthly refills for 2014 yet, but I’m aiming to start selling them in October or November! 🙂 So hopefully the to do list/sticky notes thing will be ready by then! x

    • Thank you, Sara! And I’m terribly sorry for my late reply!!! I can’t tell you when but if I make the To do & Sticky note thing I’ll make it for the Pocket, Personal and A5 size for sure 🙂 x

    • Thank you!! 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you like those pages! When I finish designing items which I’m currently working on I can start work on them (they need some modification)! 😉

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