Wrote a Guest Post About My Dividers For Ryman!

I was given an opportunity to write a guest post for Ryman’s website which is super exciting for me!!  If you don’t live in the UK and don’t know about Ryman, it’s a British stationery retail company 🙂  They sometimes have big discounts on Filofaxes, so I actually bought my very first Filofax (Pocket Aqua Finsbury!) from Ryman and I also bought my Pocket Finsbury (Antique Rose) which I’m currently using from Ryman as well.  In fact, I recently bought a Pocket Cuban for my husband which was on discount at Ryman which means my husband is finally a Filofax user as well!!  If you click here you can see the post!


And a real quick update about the monthly refills for 2014!  They are ready for the Pocket and Personal size, however my brand new Brother laser printer’s got a problem now and its drum has been sent back to Brother for some inspection…! 😦  As soon as the problem is sorted I can put up the refills in my shop for sale, but at the moment I can’t tell you when exactly I can start selling them.  Also, I was originally going to create monthly refills with more than one design, however I haven’t had enough time for designing recently and I don’t think I can design any other designs at the moment.

 Thank you for reading!

sachiko black

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