Glove Holder & Cath Kidston Box Bag

How do you keep your gloves in your handbag?  I’ve always been looking for a glove holder to hold them together as I like to keep everything tidy in my handbag! It seems that a glove holder isn’t so popular in the West, and I only could find a few on the internet, and most of them were antique ones.  Glove holders are quite popular in Japan, so I decided to order one on Rakuten and ask my sister to send it over here because the postage wouldn’t cost much for a little thing like this.

This is the glove holder I bought, and I chose red out of several available colours.


I was originally going to keep my gloves inside my handbag, but I hang it on the handle now as I think it’s pretty cute!



By the way, I recently bought this Cath Kidston Box Bag.  I’d been looking for a light bag which I could use even on rainy days as I need to walk to run errands everyday, and my leather handbags are a bit too heavy and can get easily spoiled by the rain.  (It rains a lot in the UK as you can imagine!!)

I would normally choose red or pink, but this green spotted one was on sale so I thought I would give it a try this time, and I’m happy that I did! I read some reviews and some people say it’s too small, but it’s certainly the perfect size for my needs!  It looks pretty small, but you’ll  be surprised to see how much you can fit in this small bag!  I even put in my 7 inch tablet on top of all these when I go to the coffee shop!


You might get frustrated with the opening at the top, though.  It seems to be a bit too small sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me too much.


It’s pretty cheap compared to other Cath Kidston bags and I’m happy with this one, so I might buy a different design in the future, hehe 🙂

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PDF Catalogue Available Now!

Hi!  As I mentioned in my previous post, Cute Organizing is now only open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, while my shop is on “holiday mode” you can’t look at my items, so I’ve just created a PDF catalogue/pamphlet.



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