Glove Holder & Cath Kidston Box Bag

How do you keep your gloves in your handbag?  I’ve always been looking for a glove holder to hold them together as I like to keep everything tidy in my handbag! It seems that a glove holder isn’t so popular in the West, and I only could find a few on the internet, and most of them were antique ones.  Glove holders are quite popular in Japan, so I decided to order one on Rakuten and ask my sister to send it over here because the postage wouldn’t cost much for a little thing like this.

This is the glove holder I bought, and I chose red out of several available colours.


I was originally going to keep my gloves inside my handbag, but I hang it on the handle now as I think it’s pretty cute!



By the way, I recently bought this Cath Kidston Box Bag.  I’d been looking for a light bag which I could use even on rainy days as I need to walk to run errands everyday, and my leather handbags are a bit too heavy and can get easily spoiled by the rain.  (It rains a lot in the UK as you can imagine!!)

I would normally choose red or pink, but this green spotted one was on sale so I thought I would give it a try this time, and I’m happy that I did! I read some reviews and some people say it’s too small, but it’s certainly the perfect size for my needs!  It looks pretty small, but you’ll  be surprised to see how much you can fit in this small bag!  I even put in my 7 inch tablet on top of all these when I go to the coffee shop!


You might get frustrated with the opening at the top, though.  It seems to be a bit too small sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me too much.


It’s pretty cheap compared to other Cath Kidston bags and I’m happy with this one, so I might buy a different design in the future, hehe 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Glove Holder & Cath Kidston Box Bag”

    1. Thank you, Erika! 🙂 Wow, you’ve got several Cath Kidston bags! They’re all so pretty, aren’t they? It’s my first Cath Kidston bag, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll buy more in the future 😉

  1. That glove holder is so cute! i must confess I had never even heard of a glove holder before but that’s probably because I live in sunny Southern California and hardly anyone wears gloves! Well, except for me that is, I’m always cold no matter what.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I’m so jealous that you live in California!! 🙂 I really miss the SUN as it’s cloudy or rainy most of the time here in the UK. I’m sorry to hear that you are always cold! Maybe you have “hiesho (冷え性)”!?

      1. I had never heard of hiesho before. Kind of surprised my mother never mentioned it since the Internet says so many Japanese women have it. But, then again, my mother is quick to blame any illness or ailment I have on eating too much junk food lol. I always thought it was because I had low blood pressure but I’ll have to look in to this hiesho, thanks for mentioning it.

        1. Yes, a lot of Japanese women have hiesho! I don’t think I have hiesho, but I have horrible katakori (stiff shoulders)! So many people suffer from hiesho and katakori in Japan, but I don’t hear much about them in the UK or when I was in the US. We believe that hiesho can cause all kinds of illnesses so it’s really important to keep our body warm! 😉

  2. I really like the bag but I LOVE the glove holder- what a fabulous idea! I have searched for them but only found one on Hermes for £295.00!! or vintage ones on Etsy which are sold in the USA so the postage is too high. Besides, they were all metal clips and I much prefer the style of yours.
    Since it’s often cold in the U.K. I am sure they would sell well here. If you ever find similar to yours please let me know ?
    I have a set of your gorgeous dividers & address sheets in my personal Filo but have changed over to A5 so will be ordering again soon- I remember what a lovely parcel it was to receive; all packaged so beautifully…

    P.S. beware: Cath Kidston bags are addictive! I received my 1st- a blue, bird canvas bag from my daughter 2 yrs ago, then a stone bird oilcloth day bag from my Mum for Christmas then recently, the reversible canvas toadstool bag from my sister- it’s so so cute. Look forward to seeing your collection grow x

    1. Oh, yes, I saw that Hermes one, too lol!! This is what I got by the way, I just found the English page:
      For some reason, the price is a lot cheaper on the English page!

      I think both Filofax and Cath Kidston bags are addictive!! They both make us want to keep having more than one for some reason lol!! There are already a few CK bags on my wishlist, but I’ll enjoy using mine for now 😉

      Thank you very much for using my dividers & refills! I’m looking forward to receiving your new order! x

  3. That dog shaped glove holder is just adorable! I’ve just ordered from you today and see that you also are in Liverpool. It really rains in Liverpool and sometimes the wind coming in off the Mersey is crazy! But the people are warm and friendly so I like it!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much for your comment & order 🙂 You live in Liverpool, too! I was amazed when I moved here last year because the people here are super kind & friendly! ❤

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