❤New Item! Personalised Dividers with Owl Characters❤

I received a request for owl characters a while back, and I’m very happy that I’ve finally managed to create new dividers with my new owl characters! 🙂

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At the moment, they are only available for the Personal size, but like my other dividers I’m going to start selling them for the Pocket & A5 size as well.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you when exactly I’m going to start selling them, but sometime very soon!  If you’d like the Personal size, here is the listing!:


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Hope you have a lovely week!

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3 thoughts on “❤New Item! Personalised Dividers with Owl Characters❤

  1. Omg these are soooo cute – please make some owl today page markers in a5 size. Did you see the charm on the side of my Fifi – gems and a little owl. I am first in line to buy these if you make them as day markers :-))

    • Thank you, Amanda! 🙂 Do you mean something similar to the bunny & pencil markers? I really really wish I could make them but the reason why I stopped selling those bunny & pencil page markers is that I used to waste so many materials making them…! 😦 (Silhouette Cameo is an excellent machine, but I think it’s not really suitable for glossy paper which I use for all my dividers & page markers.) But I can try to make simple page markers without cutting out heart-shaped windows and so on, so I wouldn’t need to use my Silhouette Cameo, you know? 🙂 If I make them I’ll announce it on this blog & my Facebook Page! x

      • I meant the a5 filofax today markers like I purchased off you. Couldn’t you advertise the ones you stopped as being made to order? That way they could even be personalised? Hugs xoxo

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