Filofax Blogger Challenge: Photo of Me & Poppy Saffiano!

I was invited to participate in Filofax Blogger Challenge (Filofax Faces), and a photo of me with the new spring launch Filofax is up on Filofax Facebook Page now!  The top 3 bloggers with the most “likes” will win prizes to giveaway on their blogs!


For participating, I was gifted a spring launch Filofax. I didn’t request which model/size I want (I didn’t know if I could), but I requested that I like girly colours like pink and red, and Filofax sent me a Personal size Poppy Saffiano!  As I wrote in this post, I’ve already got an Aqua Saffiano, so now I have a pair of them! 🙂

I only decided to start using the Personal size recently, and I can’t believe that I already have two Personal size Filofaxes!!  I really like both colours Aqua and Poppy and also really enjoyed making new dividers for my Poppy Saffiano 🙂  You can see them briefly in my blogger challenge photo!

Thank you for reading!

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