Handmade Tokyo Dividers!!

In my last post I showed you my handmade London Dividers, and it was really fun making them so I decided to create a different version!

A mini London in my Filofax:

I live in the UK now, but I’m originally from Japan, so my second version will be Tokyo Dividers!
So, to begin with I started sketching…

1 copy
Then, I drew the pictures on Photoshop…

Then after finishing all the designing, I printed them out, cut them out and laminated them.

Here are the dividers I made!

I put them altogether in my Filofax and…

Ta-dahhh!!  A mini Tokyo is in my Filofax!!

16 copy

17 copy

18 copy

20 copy
Like my London Dividers, I put words in tiny letters on each tab as these are supposed to be dividers lol!

22 copy

23 copy
The tabs are really long/tall, so they’re just for an exhibition purpose.

24 copy

25-2 copy

I’ve also made a video!:

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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20 thoughts on “Handmade Tokyo Dividers!!

  1. These are absolutely lovely! I love how creative you are and only wish I have some of your talent to make my own. I recently got myself a Filofax and am so obsessed with “decorating” it 🙂

    • Hi! Thank you very much for your kind comment! It’s great that you got a Filofax and are obsessed with decorating it!! 😀 I love decorating mine as well- it’s really addicting! 😛

  2. I love these dividers and the previous London ones too. So I was wondering if it would be possible to sell these and the London ones in your Etsy shop as pdf downloads?

    • Thank you very much! Yes, I’ve been thinking about selling them as PDF downloads! 🙂 It’s just that I haven’t had enough time to convert all the files to PDF and create listings for them, but I am planning to do that this weekend, and I really hope I can start selling them sometime soon! 😉

      • I have just bought your wonderful London dividers from your Etsy shop and look forward to making them over the weekend for my Filofax. Will you offering your Tokyo dividers for sale as well? I do hope you do! Can I put a request in for some dividers for Paris, Rome and Venice please??!!!

        • Thank you very much for purchasing the London dividers! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy making & using them! Yes, I’m planning to sell the Tokyo dividers as well (as PDF files). Hopefully things slow down a bit soon so I can convert the files for the Tokyo dividers & arrange a listing! I’ll remember about the Paris, Rome and Venice versions, too 🙂

  3. I just downloaded the Tokyo dividers! I’m so excited! I’ve had my Filofax for 15 years and have never decorated it. Okay – i’m a bit slow on the “uptake” I didn’t know people did such things. Now my plain black Soho Filofax will scream with color. Yay!!

  4. You say they are tall, just for display but they are too cool for display only. I would be making full use of them.
    I might attempt the London ones to start with as that is where I was born. Though all the major cities all have such interesting icons. Cities, towns, planets, rainforests the themes are endless. Thank for sharing this makes me want to take my Filofax out of retirement. :0

    • Oh, that’s wonderful to hear that you’re going to use your Filofax again! That’s true, the themes are endless, and it’s fun to design them too! The Big Ben tab is really long, but if you purchase my PDF version (now I sell a handmade version as well) you can re-make it if it gets bent in your handbag I guess 😉

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