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New Chevron Dividers for my Filofax

Hi everyone!! I haven’t been able to update my blog for such a loooong time, but I’m doing a lot better now (and the baby seems to be doing well too!) even though I’m experiencing some minor problems like backache, etc! 
I hadn’t been able to design new items for a while, but I recently managed to design some new dividers for my Filofax. Although they aren’t ready for sale yet, I’m planning to start selling them for Pocket, Personal and A5 size for both handmade & printable PDF versions 🙂 I’m aiming to get them ready in April.





Oh, I couldn’t believe what happened to me yesterday afternoon!! I was doing a quick shopping at a local green grocer’s and I walked out of the shop and a minute later I felt a big shock on my back and I fell down flat on the ground!!  I turned around and there was a guy (probably in his 20s) on his bike- of course the bike isn’t allowed on the pavement!!! He didn’t say a thing but just stared at me, and the shop lady at the green grocer’s and the woman who was walking nearby helped me stand up and see if I was ok.  Luckily I fell down on my right knee first before going flat on the ground on the right side of my body, so my belly didn’t receive a direct shock.

By the time my husband who was shopping at a nearby store appeared, the guy on the bike had already ran off (He didn’t even apologise to me and kept on riding his bike fast on the pavement!!). We went to the hospital just in case to get everything checked and to our relief there was no problem and the baby was doing fine moving actively in my belly.  I’m so glad it didn’t end up anything serious (even though now I have a sore back, hip and knees!) , and I’ll be extra cautious when I’m out!  My husband decided to report the incident to the police, but of course we don’t expect that the guy will be arrested or fined for this. (But everything is recorded on the CCTV camera!!)

My weekend started in a shocking way, but I hope you’re having a lovely one and don’t forget to follow my Facebook Page for the latest updates in my shop!

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8 thoughts on “New Chevron Dividers for my Filofax”

  1. Welcome back, sweetie! Glad to see you’re doing better. Can’t believe the guy knocked you down without apologising… that’s terrible. The chevron dividers are so pretty and the multiple patterns come together so well 🙂

  2. OMG, I’m glad that you and the baby are ok. And he didn’t even apologise, or ask if you were ok?!!! What an ass! I hope the police manage to find him!!! Anyway, lovely dividers! 🙂

    1. Thank you! No, he didn’t apologise nor ask if I was ok 😦 I should have asked him about his details, but I wanted to go to the hospital asap to see everything was ok with the baby, you know.

      Glad you like my new dividers! 😀

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