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Made some kitty stickers for my planner :)

I wanted to get some stickers which I can fill in words (like speech bubbles) then I thought I could make some myself!

Here they are πŸ˜„

They’ll be available in my shop soon πŸ˜‰

Now I’m going to have to make a new today marker because the one I’m using now is getting damaged πŸ˜… I recently bought some vellum so I’m going to use it and see how it works✌

Thanks for reading!

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Unique Sushi Bar Dividers!

These are super unique Sushi Bar Dividers πŸ™‚ There are sushi chefs preparing sushi behind the counter for the hungry customers! These are perfect for sushi-loving planner users!

>>>Go to the listing!

These dividers are designed by me, and they are for exhibition purpose only. If you’d like to actually use them, I recommend that you only use them for an organiser which you don’t carry around with you because the tabs are really long and could easily get bent in your handbag!Β 

Are you interested in standard/short tabs? Do you prefer a printable version?

Let me know!

—>sachiko1979 (at)

All my dividers have crisp images with bright colours. Card I used is 180gsm which is not too thick or too thin for dividers after being laminated. High quality laminating pouches are used to laminate them for sturdiness and durability. They are hole punched and ready to use! If you’d like me to leave your dividers un-punched for you please leave me a quick note when you order.

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko πŸ˜‰

Dividers, Filofax

Minimalist Geometric Dividers

I’ve updated IG ❀

And these are the handmade minimalist dividers available at Cute Organizing!

Sachiko xx


Easy-to-make super cute kitty printable inserts

I’ve just added printable inserts! After you make a purchase you’ll be able to download a PDF file to print them at home.


You need a printer and A4 or Letter size printing paper.

Just print on both sides, cut them out, punch holes, and that’s it!

Of course you can print them out as much as you need!

Let me know if you want these inserts in different sizes πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko x


Handmade dividers with cute cats & dogs!

These are the latest additions to my shop ❀


These dividers are available in 4 sizes: Pocket, Personal. A5 and A6 size πŸ™‚

Thanks for looking! I hope you like my new dividers ❀

Sachiko xxx