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Moving into the Compact size at last!

My Gosh, it’s been such a long time!!  It’s already July and I’m very happy that there have been many sunny & hot days here in the UK this summer 🙂

We are growing some vegetables like potatoes and carrots in our back garden-  they are pretty small but really tasty!

The boy in the photo below is my husband’s nephew who lives in Spain.

Anyway, as I wrote in the title, I’ve moved into the Compact size!   I’ve been using my Personal size Saffiano and love its design & colour. BUT! As I thought at the beginning, the Personal size is too big & heavy for me to carry around in my handbag 😦

I popped it on the scale and found out that it weighed 503g!!  There is no way that I would carry this around with me!

It’s great that it can hold many pages, but I really miss my Pocket size Filofax which I used to carry around with me all the time.  I really like the Personal size refills, so I’ve finally decided to try the Compact size for the first time.  I used to think that I would never use the Compact size because of its small ring size, but it seems like there is no choice anymore!

So I selected the pages which I really really need in my Filofax and got rid of all the other pages.  It was like a Space Clearing and I felt great afterwards lol!

And here is my new Compact Saffiano!   I chose Bright Purple because it was cheaper than the other colours on eBay, but I really love this colour in person and am so glad I chose this one!

Moved all the pages from my Personal Saffiano…

Wow, I love it!!

It’s slim! 🙂

Comparison to the Personal size.

It weighs 334g so I think I can carry this around with me now!!

By the way, when I bought my very first Filofax (Aqua Finsbury), I thought I would use it for a very long time.  But…now I own 7 Filofaxes.. which is absolutely shocking for me…!   I know 7 isn’t that many compared to some people, but I really really hope my Compact Saffiano works well for me so I won’t need to buy another Filofax!!



Oh, and here is the new item in my shop!↓↓↓

Thank you for reading!

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