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My handmade stamps and new painting

I put handles on my eraser stamps I showed you in my last post.  Carving is the fun part of course, but I also looove the next stage putting handles on them!  Suddenly they become like real stamps with handles, you know!

And it’s a lot easier to stamp with a handle 🙂

To tell you the truth, the eraser was a bit too thick as you can see in the above photo.  There is no problem when stamping, but it’s a bit unstable to keep it standing in the small storage box.  So after taking this photo I actually took the eraser part off the handle (it was a bit of a hassle as it was superglued!) and put it back on again after slicing it to about half the thickness.

But I really enjoy making stamps so I carve them whenever I get some spare time.  I can release my stress by doing it too!

Lastly, here is my latest painting of a geisha girl 🙂  I did it on A4 size cartridge paper using ink and watercolour.  The letters on the right side say “Maiko” which means apprentice geisha.  Letters on the left side is my signature written in hiragana letters, and it has my signature stamp underneath.

I used gold colour for the obi (sash) and some flowers on the kimono.  I love using gold colour 🙂

It’s available in my Etsy shop!

Thanks for reading!

Eraser stamps, Filofax, Japan Corer

New Stamps and New Japanese Sushi Gift Set

It’s already October!  I’m just amazed how quickly the time passes!

First of all I’d like to introduce my new gift set using my own original characters called Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl 🙂

Like my other gift sets this one is also a personalised gift set with your name in Japanese & English.

I made two versions: Sushi Boy version and Sushi Girl version.  The difference is in the design and colour of the key ring and badge.  Both gift sets come with:

★1x personalised badge – diameter: 3cm
★1x personalised key ring – 4cm x 3cm
★11x personalised stickers
★4x writing sheets (2 patterns) – 18.5cm x 13cm
★2x matching envelopes (2 patterns) – 14.5cm x 10.5cm

It’s available at my Etsy shop and eBay shop- it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!

 And here is a photo of my new eraser stamps.  I’m putting handles on them soon- but I have to get the wood cut first!

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to curve certain erasers.  I haven’t tried many kinds yet, but I liked the ones I used this time.

This is a photo of my week on two pages for this week.  I used my handmade calendar stickers and stamps- maybe it looks a bit too busy?  I hope to get some new ink pads soon because I only have red, brown and black at the moment.



And here is a photo of my Month On Two Pages for September- I tried to make it colourful last month. The space is so tiny for pocket size, though!

I hope you enjoyed my post and have a great weekend 😉

Eraser stamps, Filofax, Japan Corer

My stamps looking better with handles :)

I’ve been stubbornly using my pocket-sized Malden, but I sometimes imagine that things would be a bit easier with a bit more space on each page…  But the pocket size is the maximum size I would carry around in my handbag (my handbag is already quite heavy…!)…so…  Well, I guess I’ll try to stick with my Malden for a bit longer and see how I feel..!

These are the pages for last week- I wish there wasn’t a monthly calendar in the space for Sunday because I never look at that tiny calendar!!

By the way, these are the wooden pieces I got from my father-in-law recently.  (He has all kinds of wooden pieces and tools in his garage!)

I glued them to my eraser stamps and here they are!  They look a lot better with handles!

And it’s a lot easier to stamp with a handle, too, yay!

They fit perfectly in a case I already had, but the problem was, it was a bit difficult to pick them out of the box.

So I made something like this by card- if I pull the tag-like part I can pick up stamps out of the box more easily. (Sorry, it’s a bit difficult to explain..!)

I want to make more stamps, but before doing that I want to design a new gift set for my shop using my Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl characters 🙂  I already sell some gift sets using my kokeshi doll character, but I don’t have any gift set with Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl characters yet!

This is a Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl stationery set which I’m currently selling in Japan Corner, and I’m thinking of creating a “gift set” which includes something extra besides envelopes and writing sheets.  If I could create a nice/cute gift set I think I’ll write about it on this blog too 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Eraser stamps, Filofax, My Paintings, Stickers

Organising stickers and making more stamps!

I have quite a few stickers like I said in my last post. I used to keep them organised in a small file but not all of them can fit in it so I usually keep them in one bag. It’s been quite stressful to find the sticker I want in the pile of stickers!

I don’t have a small folder in which I can nicely organise all my stickers, so I decided to use some cello bags I already have.

I cut the self-sealing part off the bags because I don’t need it.  Then I made holes by a punch so I can hold the cello bags together by a ribbon.


It’s a lot easier to look through the stickers now 🙂

I thought the ribbon would be loose and it would fall apart easily, but it’s quite sturdy to my surprise! (Or maybe it’s just because it always stays at home unlike my Filofax which comes with me everywhere I go.)  Anyway, it’s such a nice feeling to get things arganized, hehe.

By the way, in my last post I said that my weekly resolution was to keep the Week On Two Pages neat and attractive!

Here is my Week On Two Pages for last week.

And this is for this week.

I’m not quite sure if they are neat and attractive, but I’ve been enjoying writing things in with stickers, stamps and my Multi 8 pen. (My post on a Multi 8 pen is HERE.)

Oh yes, the stamps! I made more stamps after I wrote my last post.  I was into making eraser stamps for a while in June (you can see them HERE and HERE) and now it’s coming back again!  I’m still not so good at it yet, but it’s definitely a good fun.

These are the ones I use most often.

This is how they look like when stamped on paper.

Stamped on post-its.

I got some small wooden pieces today, and I’m thinking of using them as handles for my stamps. I’m not quite sure how it will go, but I hope I can show you some of them in my next post!

Lastly, this is my latest painting!  This gate is called Kaminarimon Gate and it’s in Asakusa, Tokyo.  The printed version of this painting is available HERE.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Eraser stamps, Filofax, Stickers

Trying to make the week on two pages attractive…!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog!  I ran  a shodo (Japanese calligraphy) workshop for about 20 people last week, and I’m so glad it was a success!  I was worried about how it would go, so I’m so relieved!

I had never run a workshop so I was really nervous and didn’t take any photos during the workshop.  I wore a yukata which is similar to a kimono, but there’s no picture of me wearing it either 😦  Oh, well…

I bought them in Japan↓

First, we all practiced the basic strokes like tome, hane, harai, and then practised writing  his/her name in Japanese.  Then we created the final piece with decorations using washi (origami) paper to take home.  It’s just so bad that I have NO photos of them!  Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy it so I was very happy even though I felt exhausted after the workshop.

Ok, so here is my Filofax. It’s becoming a bit too bulky for me!

I prefer to keep it thin with only necessary refills, so I sorted out which refills I can throw away over the weekend…

and for the refills I might want to keep for future reference, well, I’ll store them in a box.

Thinner now!

But actually this is NOT how I want to store the old refills!   I’ve been looking for 6 ring mini binders to organize/store these old refills, but I can’t find any in the UK!!  I wish I had a few of them so I could sort out the old refills according to the year.

I’m looking for something like this one↓,  you can buy it for about 350 yen (about 3 British Pounds) in Japan.  I really should have bought some of them when I was there in July..!  Maybe I could even even bought them at 100 yen shops!

By the way, do you ever re-read your old refills?  I keep all of my used Week-On-Two-Pages just in case, but I rarely read them again unless I’m really trying to remember something particular.

When I was using Hobo Nichi Techo planners I used to look through the old pages and enjoyed reading them.  It’s interesting to see what I was thinking a year ago, two years ago, and three year ago, and so on.

(Sorry, I’ve already used this image in my old post..!)

Well, the reason why I rarely read my old Week-On-Two-Pages is because they are just a bunch of boring To-Do lists.  I sometimes write a short diary in a small space, but the pages look really messy and unattractive to read again.  Then why am I storing them in a box!?  Well, in the past, there have been many times that I really had to remember something and my old planners helped me a lot.  So I’m keeping them just in case.

By the way, I have so many stickers, but I’ve realized that I don’t really use them anymore because it feels like it’s a waste to use cute stickers on messy pages which I rarely look at in the future!

So, I’ve decided to write the pages more carefully and as neatly as possible!

I made this To-do list eraser stamp first.

If I write the letters neatly there is still plenty of space,  so I think I can write a short diary each day too.

So, my weekly resolution is:

Keep the Week On Two Pages neat and attractive 😉

Eraser stamps, Filofax, Japan Corer, My Paintings

More stamps!

I wrote in my last post that I started making my own stamps using erasers.  I found it soooooo difficult (I still do!) at the beginning, but I think I’m getting slightly better 🙂

 Approx. 2.5cm(H) x 1.7cm(W) 🙂

Now I’ve got quite a few stamps, so I made a small box for them.

Approx. 2cm x 2cm↓

Strawberry is about 1.5 cm (hight)

I just decorated next week’s pages with my stamps, and it was so much FUN !!  (The stamp of the coffee cup on the bottom-right corner wasn’t made by me.) I wish I could make a lot more stamps, but my eyes have been horribly sore from making stamps, so I really need to rest my eyes…!  Boohoo!

By the way, this is my latest painting of a sushi restaurant in Tokyo↓

(Available at Japan Corner.)

And these are the new personalised address labels which are also available at Japan Corner

Thanks for reading!

Eraser stamps, Filofax

Making my own stamps (So difficult!)

I’m visiting Japan next month and I made a list of what I want to do in Japan, what I want to eat in Japan, who I want to see in Japan…etc…etc.  I haven’t been back in Japan for nearly 2 and a half years, so it’s really exciting!

By the way, I’ve put up a photo of my stamps in my last post, and now I’ve started making my own “keshigomu hanko” (eraser stamps).  Making my own stamps seemed really exciting, and the materials are cheap so I thought “Why not give it a try?”

If you are not so familiar with the eraser stamps you can copy & paste


in Google Image and you can see all kinds of stamps!

These are what I use:

1) Draw whatever you like on a piece of paper (keep it simple at the beginning!)

2) Trace it

3) Transfer the image onto the eraser

4) Curve it

I thought it would be quite easy, and I was so ecxited thinking what kind of stamps I want to make for my Filofax.


It was actually sooooo difficult!!!  How can other people make such tiny & detailed stamps!?

It looks so easy in the videos, you know!

It’s obvious that I need  A LOT of practice, so I decided to go for some very simple designs first like a strawberry and a cherry 🙂

I really hope I can show you something a lot better than this soon..!