Filofax, Shrink Plastic Charms

❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll Charm for my Filofax❤❤

It’s already the 7th, but Happy New Year!  I couldn’t update my blog as I’ve been really busy.

I visited Lancaster on Christmas Eve, and I bought this handbag there telling myself that it was my Christmas present…!  When I walked into TKMaxx I wasn’t thinking of buying a handbag at all, but when I saw this colour I just walked to the cashier straight away!!  I’ve always bought black or brown handbags, so this is my very first PINK handbag! Yay!

P1120662 copy

Inside is like this.  You can’t really see in this photo, but I’m using a Tintamar VIP Handbag Organiser inside my handbag 🙂  I bought this handbag organiser ages ago, but it’s still very strong and useful 🙂


Yes, I love Pink & Red 🙂  The coin purse was a gift from my friend’s mum, and the key wallet was a gift from my sister.


By the way, I’ve been trying to make some new things, and I’d like to show you one of them 🙂

Have you seen this post on Ray’s blog “My Life All in One Place“?  When I first saw the photo I coudn’t figure out what those lovely charms were made of!  Then I asked Ray, and his answer was that he used the printable shrink plastic!!  Oh, I LOVED shrink plastic when I was a kid, and was soooo excited to know that now there is printable shrink plastic!!

So I ordered myself a pack of some printable shrink plastic and was waiting until I had some spare time to make some charms for my Filofax!

So here is what I made.  First, I cut an A4 sheet of plastic into 4 pieces as that was how much I needed to use.  Then I printed out my Kokeshi character.  Sorry, all of the photos were taken under my desk lamp, so they are orange-ish.


When it came out of the printer I thought the colour appeared to be a bit faded, but I’m not quite sure if it was because of my printer’s settings or that was just the way it was.

Anyway, I cut them out and made holes.


Then I baked them in the oven for 2 minutes.

Ta-Daaaa!  I put a ball-chain I already had.


I forgot to take a picture of the back of it, but I printed out some pink polka dots on the back as it’s printable on both sides.


I actually wanted to hang it from the top, but the ball-chain is too short.


So I ordered some longer ball-chains, and once they arrive here I’ll put some photos up 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Address refills are now available for the PERSONAL size as well!

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