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Month on two pages for 2020!

2020 Month on two pages inserts are available in two sizes – Personal size & A5 size.





Monday start & Sunday start are available!

And these are UNDATED month on two pages in Personal size↓↓↓

(Handmade/Printed & Printable available!)



Thanks for reading!

Sachiko x

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Handmade refills

Working on monthly refills for 2014..!

Gosh, I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been able to update my blog for a long time!

Weekly pages for last week 🙂

P1140262 2

Last week, Anita wrote a wonderful post about my dividers on Philofaxy, and I was absolutely thrilled!!  If you haven’t seen her post it’s HERE!

Here is a photo of the refills I’ve been working on.

P1140270 2

They are the monthly refills for 2014, and I’ve been so desperate to get them finished for Pocket and Personal size asap!!!  I was originally going to design two versions, a kokeshi doll version and an animal character version, but now I’m not so sure if I can create a kokeshi doll version because I have less time to design recently…!

Just a quick look for January pages!

P1140272 2

Recently I finally purchased a laser printer to print out refills more quickly.  My inkjet printer prints well, but it’s just so slow just like all the other inkjet printers! My new laser printer is so fast, but if one thing goes wrong I just don’t know what to do with it and it takes me ages to figure out how to solve it!!  I hope I’ll get used to this machine soon!! 🙂

Oh! By the way, I have to show you some photos I took recently!  I had been looking for a small shelf to keep my washi tapes and other small bits and pieces on my desk.  Then I found this post and thought it looked really nice!

Tape Dispenser Makeover-TUTORIAL

A real vintage crate like hers would cost quite a lot unless you luckily find it at a flea market like she did. So I looked for a “vintage look” soda crate on eBay and here is what I got!


I love it, but I definitely need more washi tapes to fill the shelves LOL!!


Thanks for reading and once I put up the monthly refills for 2014 in my shop I’ll announce it here on this blog! 😉

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❤New! Address Refills with Animal Characters!❤

I made some new address refills for the Pocket size!

***Click the image to see the listing on Etsy! ↓↓↓

Etsy top image

Designing is the fun part, but I don’t like setting up files for printing at all!!!!

P1130998 copy

It took me ages to set up all the files, but I finally completed them so now I can show you what they look like 🙂


I set them in my Pocket Malden 😉

Untitled-1 copy

There are sections for name, address and phone number.

close up

  A set includes pages for a Birthday List as well.


The last page is for notes.




  They are only available in the Pocket size at the moment, but the Personal size will be ready soon as well!

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❤Cute Handmade Kokeshi Dolls Address Refills❤

I’ve been really wanting to make some refills for addresses, so I decided last night to put everything aside and just make them!!  It took me a quite long time, and when I finished them I was totally exhausted…!

P1120500 copy

There are 12 pages including the cover page and the last page for notes, and you can fill in addresses for 40 people.

P11205202 copy

all pages copy

I haven’t put them up on my shop yet, because I haven’t decided what to do with the space to fill in address etc.
These are for the Pocket size (81mm x 120mm), so the space is quite tight.  I made a space for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, MOBILE NUMBER, BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN.

size of space copy

I actually fill it in with my PILOT G-TEC-C4 (0.4) which is a really small pen.  I could fill it in with no problem, but some people might find it a bit tight.

P1120531 copy

I can get rid of the section for BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN to give more space to PHONE NUMBER and MOBILE NUMBER, and I’d like to know what you all think!  If you use them do you want a space for birthday & star sign?  I would really appreciate your opinion!


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New Pocket Finsbury and Colourful Monthly Calendar :)

A5 dividers are now available at Japan Corner 🙂

A5 top image etsy

I’ve been wanting to design more refills, stickers, Today markers…etc., but I just don’t have enough time…!   I guess I can do that after Christmas 🙂  I’ve also been wanting to make some cute week-to-view refills, but I’m short on time at the moment so I just made these simple ones for now.

P1120254 copy

They are just simple refills, but they’ve got more space compared to Filofax week on two pages.

By the way, I like my new Finsbury.  The very first Filofax I bought was Pocket Finsbury Aqua, but I damaged the front cover and tried to fix it but I made it even worse… 😦  So I bought a Pocket Malden, and I liked it, but I couldn’t forget about the Finsbury..!  I just like its stiff leather and squareness.

The colour is Antique Rose, and it’s grayish pink.  I love pink, but I’m so clumsy, so this grayish pink is perfect for me as any damage to it won’t be so obvious 🙂

P1120298 copy

P1120487 copy

These are the monthly calendar pages for November.

P1120485 copy

They are quite colourful…maybe too colourful!?

P1120486 copy

I hope I can show you some new refills/stickers/today markers sometime soon!


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Kokeshi Girls Club top image

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Ready to offer CUTE Month On Two Pages!

I finally managed to finish designing the Month On Two Pages (for 2013) for both Pocket and Personal sizes!  These refills are designed, printed and carefully hand-cut by me. And here they are!



(I wish I could offer larger refills as well, but the ink is really pricey and I would have to charge way too much for them even if I made them 😦 I really wish there was a way to get them printed out more cheaply!)

The Pocket and Personal refills are available here↓

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions about any of my items!


Filofax, Handmade refills, Japan Corer

Handmade CUTE monthly calendar refills for 2013 :)

Ta-Daa!  The box arrived!

Sorry, it’s not a new Filofax lol!  I ordered some Japanese food from Japan Centre in London.

These are the essentials 🙂

I really wish there was an oriental supermarket around here, but the only place I can buy some Japanese food is at a nearby Sainsbury’s.   Recently they made a small section for some Japanese ingredients and stuff to make sushi, so things are actually slightly better as I used to have to order everything from London!

By the way, I’ve been designing monthly calendar refills for 2013, but it’s been taking a while as I’ve been a bit busy lately.  I really want to complete it and put it up in my shop, but I still have to design the pages for October, November and December!!

Anyway, this is what the first page looks like.

And these are some of the completed pages. *The colours look a bit funny in these photos 😦

These refills are for the Pocket size Filofax, and I’m thinking of making them for the Personal size as well 🙂  Hopefully I can finish them all and put some photos up here soon!

Thanks for reading!