Filofax, Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)

Smart phone, paper punch, Japanese calligraphy..

I’m not a gadget person at all, and in fact I was using an old ipod nano which I bought …6 or 7 year ago…?

Well, it finally broke down recently and it wouldn’t turn on any more.   So instead of buying another portable music player I decided to buy a new mobile phone because my phone, just like my ipod nano, was very old.

After getting my very first smart phone I installed MoreLocale2 and OpenWnn Plus straight away, so now I can type Japanese on my phone, yippee!

Pink pink pink

By the way, while I was in Japan I bought something that I’ve always wanted to get.

6 hole punch 🙂

I didn’t have to buy it in Japan as I saw a very similar one on for about the same price, and I kind of regretted that I bought it there because it’s so heavy.  My suitcase ended up weighing over 23kg and I had to take some stuff out right before leaving home to go to Narita Airport on my last day in Japan!  I almost cried when I had to give up taking the miso paste, my favourite umeboshi and tonkatsu sauce with me to England…!!  Anyway, now I’m glad that I didn’t give up this 6 hole punch because it’s been very useful.

I also brought back a lot of materials for my Japanese calligraphy workshop which I’m running this month.  I’ve never run a workshop so I’m quite nervous about it, but I hope it’ll go well..!

This is what I did for my customer- nothing to do with the workshop.

Thanks for reading!