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❤Kokeshi Girls Magnets For My New Magnetic Board❤

Things have been really hectic since we moved house last week, and on top of that we didn’t have the phone/internet for 10 days because of a mysterious “system error” (according to helpline staff at BT) 😦  Our phone line/internet finally got activated yesterday, and things have got a lot better since then!

My new little home office 🙂

P1130200 copy

And here is the magnetic board I bought from IKEA- my father-in-law put it up on the wall for me yesterday 🙂


I didn’t have any magnets for it, but I had some adhesive magnets I bought ages ago.

P1130204 copy

So, I printed the kokeshi girls first…

P1130206 copy

Then cut them out.

P1130207 copy

Laminated them.

P1130215 copy

Then put magnets on the back of each one.

P1130214 copy


P1130212 copy

It was really fun to make them and I wanted to make even more, but I’ll probably do it again when I have more time in the future 🙂

P1130213 copy

Thanks for reading!