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Handemade version of 2015 MO2P will be available soon!



Cute Organizing will be closed:

September 13th – 22nd

(Any orders received on Friday the 12th will be dispatched on Monday 22nd.)


Here is a new PRINTABLE item at Cute Organizing!

↓↓↓CLICK to check the item!↓↓↓


I was originally planning to sell them as Printable PDF only, but after receiving some requests I’ve decided to sell my own handmade version (printed, hand-cut and hole punched) as well 😉  I’m arranging a listing for them at the moment- I’ll announce it on my Facebook Page & Twitter when the listing is ready!  Oh, yes, now I’m on Twitter as well!



I’m planning to create some printable “undated” MO2P refills for A5 & Pocket size, hopefully I’ll be able to start selling them soon!

I’m also designing some new printable calendar stickers! 🙂

new stickers

Thank you for reading!

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Announcements, Filofax, Printable Items, Refills

❤New Item❤ Cute Printable Kokeshi Doll To-Do List Refills & Owl Character Week On Two Pages!!

Hi!  Just a quick update for some new printable items at Cute Organizing!
These are printable To-do list refills with my original kokeshi doll character:

These are really easy to make!  Just print them out on A4 size paper (on both sides), cut along the trimming guide, punch holes and that’s it! 😉 ❤

You can purchase the PDF files here:


  And these are the printable Week On Two Pages with my original owl character!:

They will brighten up your organizer for sure! 🙂

You can purchase the PDF file here:


I’m currently working on Month On Two Pages for 2015 with the kokeshi doll characters.  They’ll be available for the Personal size for sure, but I’m not sure about the Pocket and A5 size yet.  If I can’t get enough time to create them for the Pocket & A5 size, I’ll create some undated versions!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy making and using my printable refills!

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Announcements, Filofax, Printable Items, Refills

❤New Item❤ Cute Owl Printable DIY Notepaper Refills!

Here is a new printable PDF item in my shop!

Printable Owl DIY Notepaper Refills for Personal Size

TOP IMAGEThese are printable ruled notepaper refills with my original owl characters!  They will brighten up your organizer & it’s so easy to make them!!  You just need to print & cut whenever you need more refills 🙂

Step 1: Print on one side.

P1170238 Step 2: Flip the paper and print on the other side.

P1170239Final step : Cut along the trimming guide & punch holes!
*Please be very careful when you use a paper cutting knife!
P1170240INSERT 1Thank  you for reading!


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❤New Item❤ Kokeshi To-Do List Sheets & Page Markers (PRINTABLE PDF)

Do you remember that I made these “To-do list sheets” a while back??


Then I made these after that:


I’ve actually been receiving messages asking me if I’m ever going to sell these to-do list sheets.

Well, I finally got them ready and have started selling them as PDF printable files!  That means you can print them at home & start using them straight away, and you can also re-make them as much as you want!

(***These PDFs are for Personal Use only!)


The set comes with To-do list sheets (left page & right page) and 3x page markers!  You can print the design on the back as well (as shown below).  They are for the pocket size, and  the Personal size will be available soon!

1) Print
*You can print on A4 size or A5 size card.
*Print on both sides if you want the design on the back as well.


2) Cut them out


Then you can just punch holes and start using them! 🙂

I used photo paper to print them out because I was going to laminate them afterwards.  If you are not laminating them, photo paper might not be the best paper as it’s quite delicate on the surface even though the colour comes out really nicely on it.

But if you laminate them,  they’ll look even better and become sturdy!


In my Pocket Malden:


You can put some spare sticky notes on the left side so you can add more to the right side whenever you remember things you need to do!


Page markers:




I hope you enjoy making & using them! 🙂


You can order this PDF printable item here:


Thank you for reading!

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Handmade refills

Working on monthly refills for 2014..!

Gosh, I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been able to update my blog for a long time!

Weekly pages for last week 🙂

P1140262 2

Last week, Anita wrote a wonderful post about my dividers on Philofaxy, and I was absolutely thrilled!!  If you haven’t seen her post it’s HERE!

Here is a photo of the refills I’ve been working on.

P1140270 2

They are the monthly refills for 2014, and I’ve been so desperate to get them finished for Pocket and Personal size asap!!!  I was originally going to design two versions, a kokeshi doll version and an animal character version, but now I’m not so sure if I can create a kokeshi doll version because I have less time to design recently…!

Just a quick look for January pages!

P1140272 2

Recently I finally purchased a laser printer to print out refills more quickly.  My inkjet printer prints well, but it’s just so slow just like all the other inkjet printers! My new laser printer is so fast, but if one thing goes wrong I just don’t know what to do with it and it takes me ages to figure out how to solve it!!  I hope I’ll get used to this machine soon!! 🙂

Oh! By the way, I have to show you some photos I took recently!  I had been looking for a small shelf to keep my washi tapes and other small bits and pieces on my desk.  Then I found this post and thought it looked really nice!

Tape Dispenser Makeover-TUTORIAL

A real vintage crate like hers would cost quite a lot unless you luckily find it at a flea market like she did. So I looked for a “vintage look” soda crate on eBay and here is what I got!


I love it, but I definitely need more washi tapes to fill the shelves LOL!!


Thanks for reading and once I put up the monthly refills for 2014 in my shop I’ll announce it here on this blog! 😉

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New! Kokeshi Girls Dividers Now Available For Mini Size

Just a quick announcement for the Kokeshi Girls Dividers!  They are now available for the Mini size as well!


At the moment, only the Regular Set is available for the Mini, but if you’d like the Special Set (5 dividers plus 1 registration number cover) please let me know! 🙂

Etsy Top Regular(↑Click to check the item!)

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NEW! Animal Address Refills for PERSONAL Size

This is a quick update!  I’ve finally added the address refills for the Personal size in my Etsy shop!


If you’d like to check the item here is the link:

Thank you!

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