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Organising stickers and making more stamps!

I have quite a few stickers like I said in my last post. I used to keep them organised in a small file but not all of them can fit in it so I usually keep them in one bag. It’s been quite stressful to find the sticker I want in the pile of stickers!

I don’t have a small folder in which I can nicely organise all my stickers, so I decided to use some cello bags I already have.

I cut the self-sealing part off the bags because I don’t need it.  Then I made holes by a punch so I can hold the cello bags together by a ribbon.


It’s a lot easier to look through the stickers now 🙂

I thought the ribbon would be loose and it would fall apart easily, but it’s quite sturdy to my surprise! (Or maybe it’s just because it always stays at home unlike my Filofax which comes with me everywhere I go.)  Anyway, it’s such a nice feeling to get things arganized, hehe.

By the way, in my last post I said that my weekly resolution was to keep the Week On Two Pages neat and attractive!

Here is my Week On Two Pages for last week.

And this is for this week.

I’m not quite sure if they are neat and attractive, but I’ve been enjoying writing things in with stickers, stamps and my Multi 8 pen. (My post on a Multi 8 pen is HERE.)

Oh yes, the stamps! I made more stamps after I wrote my last post.  I was into making eraser stamps for a while in June (you can see them HERE and HERE) and now it’s coming back again!  I’m still not so good at it yet, but it’s definitely a good fun.

These are the ones I use most often.

This is how they look like when stamped on paper.

Stamped on post-its.

I got some small wooden pieces today, and I’m thinking of using them as handles for my stamps. I’m not quite sure how it will go, but I hope I can show you some of them in my next post!

Lastly, this is my latest painting!  This gate is called Kaminarimon Gate and it’s in Asakusa, Tokyo.  The printed version of this painting is available HERE.

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Filofax, My Paintings, Stickers

My latest paintings

It’s been quite hectic since I got back from Japan, but I was able to have a relaxing weekend.

My monthly pages look more lively with the new stickers I bought in Japan↓

While I was in Japan I took a lot of photos to get ideas for my paintings and really enjoyed sketching and colouring over the weekend.  I actually brought my watercolour set to Japan and painted a few pictures while I was there, and my father got really jealous of my compact watercolour set.

So I decided to leave it in Japan for him and ordered a new set for myself.  When I came back to England a small parcel was sitting on my desk,  and there was a new watercolour set inside!   I bought the Rowney’s set this time, not the Cotman’s set which I didn’t really like to be honest.

When I first used it I was surprised that it was really different from the Cotman’s watercolour!  It’s so much better!  I used to use a Rowney set before, and I’m very happy that I’m using one again.

It’s a “horumon” restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo.  The man in the picture is preparing to open for business.  (The printed version is avaitable at my shop: HERE)

And I did this one as well.↓

(The printed version is avaitable at my shop: HERE)↓

Above are food stalls I saw at the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.  There was a Hozuki (Chinese lantern plant) Market that day, and there were a lot of people buying hozuki plants and eating food near the food stalls.  The stall furthest to the right in the painting is selling yakitori (chicken shish kebab), the middle stalls is selling takoyaki (grilled octopus) and the furthest stall is selling jaga-butter (potato with butter).  It was such a hot & humid day, and I started feeling dizzy that I couldn’t visit the Skytree (the big new tower in Tokyo) afterwards which was quite near there.

That’s the Tokyo Skytree, and it just opened in May this year↓.  I always take a highway bus from the Narita Airport to get to the nearest train station to my dad’s house when I come back to Japan from overseas, and I could see the Skytree from the bus this time.  It’s blueish because I took it through the tinted window.

I already miss Japanese snacks and I was happy to find this at the supermarket today.  (There is no oriental supermarket, let alone a Japanese supermarket where I live!)

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I’m still in Japan :)

I haven’t been able to update my blog for a long time!!  I’m still in Japan and going back to England very soon.  This is my first time to stay away from my husband for such a long time (just 3 weeks, though!) since we got married, and it’s like going back to 2009 when we were having a long-distant relationship.

It has been super hot and humid in Japan, and I’ve been struggling with it as I’m no longer used to this kind of weather after living in England for 2 and a half years.  But the temperature suddenly dropped to around 22 degrees yesterday and I was sooo happy that I didn’t sweat at all!  (It’s still around 22 degrees today, hurray!)  I missed the heat when I was in England, but I don’t really like the Japanese summer because of the high humidity.  When I arrived in Japan at the beginning of July it was in the middle of the rainy season and the weather was absolutely disgusting with high temperatures & super high humidity!

Our cat Kojiro melting in the heat↓

I went to Asakusa, Tokyo to take pictures to get some ideas for my paintings↓
Painted a few pictures after coming back from Asakusa↓
I LOVE Japanese 100 yen shops by the way!!!  This is just a part of what I’ve been buying at 100 yen shops↓

Of couse my Filofax is with me in Japan!

Bought some stickers at LOFT↓

Tako (octopus) to make some delicious takoyaki↓
Takoyaki is soooo tasty!!

It’s been great here besides the weather, but I really miss my husband now so I’m looking forward to going back to England in a few days 🙂  (Japan Corner will be open from the 27th.)

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