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❤Cute Kokeshi Doll See-Thru Page Marker❤



Address refills are now up on my Etsy shop!

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They are for the POCKET size, but I’m planning on making them for the PERSONAL size as well 🙂


Last night, I was thinking about making some page markers but I couldn’t come up with the designs I really like…
So I decided to make one with the idea which I came up with long ago to help me refresh my thoughts!

Here is the “See-thru divider” which I made a while back, and I was going to make something similar but a cuter version of it 🙂

Filofax Malden Vintage Pink 4 640x480
I did some designing on Photoshop based on my rough sketches…

P1120545 copy
Then I printed it out and cut out the parts I didn’t need.  It was a bit of a hassle to cut out the middle part, but I managed it somehow.

Then I laminated it with a laminator, but it’s not 100% flat, can you see?

P1120546 copy
When I use my laminator it always becomes ever so slightly uneven, so I always use a clothes iron afterwards to make it smooth and flat.

P1120548 copy
And here is the finished sample of the “See-Thru Page Marker”!

To be honest, the original version of the See-Thru divider (the first photo) was more practical as you can see both pages perfectly when the divider is in between.  But this one is a lot cuter 🙂

P1120553 copy
P1120589 2

P1120549 copy
Thank you for reading!

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New divider I made for my Filofax

This is a quick painting I did over the weekend.  Maybe her body is a bit too small for the size of her head, but it still looks like Charlie to me!

 She is my Syrian Hamster Charlie I got from Pets at Home.  The staff there told me that Charlie was a boy, so I believed that for a few months.  Then one day I suddenly realized that Charlie didn’t have.. um… the balls!  Charlie was already a few months old then (which means she was an adult), but I still believed that I would find them somewhere hidden in her body…lol!!

So I put her in a clear jar and looked really carefully, but I couldn’t see any signs of them! Then I finally accepted that Charlie was a girl!Well, it actually didn’t really matter whether Charlie was a boy or girl.  The good thing was her name was Charlie so we didn’t have to change her name!

OK, enough of the silly talk!!  I’d like to show you the new divider I made yesterday. It’s printed on glossy photo paper and laminated.

This is when it’s set in my Filofax.  I like the colourful tabs, so I might re-make all the dividers when I have some time.

Ta-daa!  Yes, it’s a divider for sticky notes!

I use the large sticky notes for my shopping lists.  (*You can read more about my eraser stamps you see in this photo HERE)  I write down whenever I remember things I need to buy.

Then when I go shopping I stick it to my phone because it’s more convenient than opening my Filofax at a store.  I used to type shopping lists on my phone, but I later found out that I prefer it on actual paper.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post!



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What’s the first thing you see when you open your Filofax?

This is what you see first when you open my pocket Malden.

I would never want to lose my Filofax wherever I go, but what if I did!?  So I set the registration number page on top of all the other pages so that if a nice person was to find my Filofax he or she would ring one of those numbers!  But the problem I’ve been having is that this page isn’t capturing my heart at all… 😦  I love girly things like pink and ribbons and so on, but this registration number page is just black and white.., but I do want to keep this page on top at the same time!  …I wonder what I should do!?

Then I got some nice ideas!  First I drew some ribbons on a piece of paper, then I chose one and scanned it in. Then I did a bit of a designing on Photoshop, printed it out and cut out the unnecessary parts.

Finally, I laminated it of course, and here it is!


I made a little window here↓

So you can see the registration number through it and the nice person who found my Filofax would hopefully turn this page to see more details on the registration number page?  Anyway I love this little see-through window in this divider 🙂

This is a similar idea to my see-through divider for the monthly calendar, isn’t it?  (The post on this divider is HERE)

This pink page with ribbons lifts my feelings every time I open my Filofax, yay!

Thanks for reading!