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❤NEW ITEM❤ Printable DIY Kokeshi Dividers!

I’ve started selling digital files for Do-It-Yourself dividers, YAY!! 🙂

If you purchase this digital product, you will receive two PDF files containing my original Kokeshi dividers.

>>>PRINTABLE Personal Size Cute Kawaii Kokeshi DIY Dividers 5 Top Tabs for Filofax Organizer Planner

(*Please note that these files are for personal use only, not for re-sale.)


They have blank tabs, so you can use a pen to write words or a label maker would be handy!



2) To create these dividers, you need 2x A4 size card and 1x A5 size card. If you only have A4 size card, just cut one sheet into half then you have A5 size card!

PAPERAfter you print them out, just cut off the white excess part:





Cut the round corners if you want:


Do the same to all 5 divider and punch holes, and that’s it!!  Yay!!


Design on the back:


I used a pen to write words on the tabs, because I don’t have a label maker.


If you laminate them, make sure you punch holes after you laminate them.  (I used to sometimes punch holes before laminating them so when they were laminated all the holes got sealed and I had to punch holes again lol!)



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy making your own dividers!


PRINTABLE DIY DIVIDERS (Instructions included):


***TERMS OF USE: Copyright by Cute Organizing. For personal use only. File-sharing, distribution and re-selling of this PDF file or of the printed material from this file are strictly prohibited.


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New! Kokeshi Girls Dividers Now Available For Mini Size

Just a quick announcement for the Kokeshi Girls Dividers!  They are now available for the Mini size as well!


At the moment, only the Regular Set is available for the Mini, but if you’d like the Special Set (5 dividers plus 1 registration number cover) please let me know! 🙂

Etsy Top Regular(↑Click to check the item!)

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❤Kokeshi Girls Magnets For My New Magnetic Board❤

Things have been really hectic since we moved house last week, and on top of that we didn’t have the phone/internet for 10 days because of a mysterious “system error” (according to helpline staff at BT) 😦  Our phone line/internet finally got activated yesterday, and things have got a lot better since then!

My new little home office 🙂

P1130200 copy

And here is the magnetic board I bought from IKEA- my father-in-law put it up on the wall for me yesterday 🙂


I didn’t have any magnets for it, but I had some adhesive magnets I bought ages ago.

P1130204 copy

So, I printed the kokeshi girls first…

P1130206 copy

Then cut them out.

P1130207 copy

Laminated them.

P1130215 copy

Then put magnets on the back of each one.

P1130214 copy


P1130212 copy

It was really fun to make them and I wanted to make even more, but I’ll probably do it again when I have more time in the future 🙂

P1130213 copy

Thanks for reading!


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❤Cute Handmade Kokeshi Dolls Address Refills❤

I’ve been really wanting to make some refills for addresses, so I decided last night to put everything aside and just make them!!  It took me a quite long time, and when I finished them I was totally exhausted…!

P1120500 copy

There are 12 pages including the cover page and the last page for notes, and you can fill in addresses for 40 people.

P11205202 copy

all pages copy

I haven’t put them up on my shop yet, because I haven’t decided what to do with the space to fill in address etc.
These are for the Pocket size (81mm x 120mm), so the space is quite tight.  I made a space for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, MOBILE NUMBER, BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN.

size of space copy

I actually fill it in with my PILOT G-TEC-C4 (0.4) which is a really small pen.  I could fill it in with no problem, but some people might find it a bit tight.

P1120531 copy

I can get rid of the section for BIRTHDAY and STAR SIGN to give more space to PHONE NUMBER and MOBILE NUMBER, and I’d like to know what you all think!  If you use them do you want a space for birthday & star sign?  I would really appreciate your opinion!


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