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Unique Sushi Bar Dividers!

These are super unique Sushi Bar Dividers 🙂 There are sushi chefs preparing sushi behind the counter for the hungry customers! These are perfect for sushi-loving planner users!

>>>Go to the listing!

These dividers are designed by me, and they are for exhibition purpose only. If you’d like to actually use them, I recommend that you only use them for an organiser which you don’t carry around with you because the tabs are really long and could easily get bent in your handbag! 

Are you interested in standard/short tabs? Do you prefer a printable version?

Let me know!

—>sachiko1979 (at) hotmail.com

All my dividers have crisp images with bright colours. Card I used is 180gsm which is not too thick or too thin for dividers after being laminated. High quality laminating pouches are used to laminate them for sturdiness and durability. They are hole punched and ready to use! If you’d like me to leave your dividers un-punched for you please leave me a quick note when you order.

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko 😉

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Super Cute Sushi Expense Tracker!

Hi!  I’ve added new printable item –> Sushi Expense Tracker 

I hope you like my new sushi design!! 🙂


Thanks for looking! 🙂

Sachiko x




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New item: Printable Summery Hawaii Dividers!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog!!  I got pregnant and a terrible morning sickness started just like my previous pregnancy (><).  I’ve suffered for about 3 months and it’s finally starting to ease off.

I’ve been working on the design for new Hawaii Dividers and I’ve just finally managed to put them up in my shop!  ↓↓↓

Personal Size Hawaii Dividers

Here are some photos of the Hawaii Dividers 🙂  There are really colourful summery dividers!


There are for Personal size Filofax, but I’m also planning to start selling them for Pocket & A5 size.  ***If you like my printable items but don’t have the equipment necessary to print them off, I can create handmade versions and send them to you.  Please contact me via Etsy (cuteorganizing.etsy.com) or email me at sachiko1979(at)hotmail.com for more details 🙂

size with logo

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-3 4 copy

Untitled-6 copy

Untitled-4 copy

Untitled-5 copy

I hope you like my new dividers!

Thanks for reading! 😉

sachiko black

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Handmade London & New York Dividers for Personal Size

I’ve finally started selling handmade London & New York dividers for Personal size Filofax!  I’ve been selling printable city-themed dividers and I’ve received some requests for handmade versions.  If you’d like handmade Tokyo, Paris, California dividers please let me know!

Listing is here –> Handmade London Dividers

TOP IMAGE handmade versiib

Listing is here –> Handmade New York Dividers


Thanks for reading!

sachiko black


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New Item: Super Cute Cat Dividers for Pocket & Personal size!

I’ve just started selling my newly designed cat-themed dividers (I’m a big cat lover!!) on my Etsy shop, and here are some photos of them!


Colourful dividers with 5 different kitties!


Registration number cover (5 colours available):


Meow meow meow!! ❤ ❤


Light blue, yellow, purple, pink and orange 🙂



I’ve started using them in my main Filo (Pocket Finsbury) and I love them! 🙂


They’re currently available for the Pocket & Personal size, but I can also make them for the A5 size if I receive requests!

You can order these cat dividers here:

Pocket size (81mm x 120mm):

>>Regular Set (a set of 5 dividers)

>>Special Set (5 dividers + 1 cover)

Personal size (95mm x 171mm):

>>Regular Set (a set of 5 dividers)

>>Special Set (5 dividers + 1 cover)

I want to make some dog-themed ones as well, but it’s more difficult for me to draw doggies!! (They don’t really look like doggies when I draw them lol!)

Thank you for reading! 

sachiko black

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