My new clear planner

I recently bought a clear planner/binder on eBay, I used to use a very similar one in Pocket size when I was a teenager 🙂

I’ve noticed that some sellers on the internet are saying “A6 size” when it’s actually Personal size. The one I bought was supposed to be “A6” size according to to the seller, but the dimensions stated on the listing were for the Personal size so I gave it a try. (I wanted the Personal size.) As I hoped, the planner arrived was in Personal size, yay!

I set it up with my new animal dividers straight away, and oh my gosh, I love it!!

( Animal dividers are available here / Animal page marker is available here )

By the way, I recently bought a sewing machine to make some face masks for my family and friends. It’s just a really basic one as I’m a super beginner 😉

And there was something I’d always wanted to try if I had a sewing machine. So here it is 🙂

I printed my own design on printable fabric and made a little zipped pouch 🙂 I need a lot more practice, but when I’m better I want to make a pencil case next time ❤

Thanks for reading & stay safe!

Sachiko x

Filofax, Stickers

Made some kitty stickers for my planner :)

I wanted to get some stickers which I can fill in words (like speech bubbles) then I thought I could make some myself!

Here they are 😄

They’ll be available in my shop soon 😉

Now I’m going to have to make a new today marker because the one I’m using now is getting damaged 😅 I recently bought some vellum so I’m going to use it and see how it works✌

Thanks for reading!

Dividers, Filofax

Unique Sushi Bar Dividers!

These are super unique Sushi Bar Dividers 🙂 There are sushi chefs preparing sushi behind the counter for the hungry customers! These are perfect for sushi-loving planner users!

>>>Go to the listing!

These dividers are designed by me, and they are for exhibition purpose only. If you’d like to actually use them, I recommend that you only use them for an organiser which you don’t carry around with you because the tabs are really long and could easily get bent in your handbag! 

Are you interested in standard/short tabs? Do you prefer a printable version?

Let me know!

—>sachiko1979 (at)

All my dividers have crisp images with bright colours. Card I used is 180gsm which is not too thick or too thin for dividers after being laminated. High quality laminating pouches are used to laminate them for sturdiness and durability. They are hole punched and ready to use! If you’d like me to leave your dividers un-punched for you please leave me a quick note when you order.

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko 😉

Happy Planner

Unicorn Planner Dividers

Have you already bought a planner for next year? I’ve been using a Pocket size Filofax for several years now, but I’ve finally decided that it’s time to try something new!

So here is my Happy Planner 🙂 (Mini)

DSC06550 copy

It looks really nice as it is, but I changed the front and back covers to my own design.

DSC06551 copy

DSC06552 copy

I normally use 100 micron laminating pouches to laminate dividers, but I used the heavy duty 250 micron (about 10 mil) pouches for these covers.  They are much sturdier than 100 microns, however still not as hard as Happy Planner’s original covers. So to protect my covers I bought a Deluxe Cover later on.  When I saw the lilac colour inside the Deluxe Cover (mine is Rose Gold) I got some inspiration for a new design! 😀

Ta-da! Unicorn Dividers 😉


I’ve been attracted to unicorns recently and I love pastel colours, too ❤ ❤


Pastel colours are so hard to capture in photos 😦  They look a little faded compared to the actual colours.





I’ve also made a Personal Size version and it’s up on my Etsy shop!




This Happy Planner is called “MINI”, but it’s larger than a Personal size Filfax so there’s a plenty of space to write. I’ve made some day per page refills, too.

DSC06554 copy

DSC06556 copy

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I leave these pages open on our dining table so I can check today’s page first thing in the morning. I don’t forget things anymore!

Now I want a “Today” marker as well! So..I did a bit of designing last night…and




It’s really fun making things for my new planner, hehehe.  I want to make more refills like Contacts, Passwords, Notes…etc…etc… Oh, and I want to make some stickers, too! The only time I can do things like this is after my kids go to bed at night, boo hoo! 😛

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko x





2018 Christmas Planner Kit is available now!


This Christmas Planner kit includes:

1. Cover page
2. Bucket list
3. Budget planner
4. Christmas gift list
5. Christmas card list
6. Meal planner
7. Monthly calendar (Nov 2018, Dec 2018 & Jan 2019)
8. Undated weekly calendar (Christmas version)
9. Ruled notepaper

These are so easy to print out and will brighten up your organiser! 🙂

Let’s get yourself ready for the Holiday Season!! 🙂

Check out this item –> HERE





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Sachiko x