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Unique Sushi Bar Dividers!

These are super unique Sushi Bar Dividers 🙂 There are sushi chefs preparing sushi behind the counter for the hungry customers! These are perfect for sushi-loving planner users!

>>>Go to the listing!

These dividers are designed by me, and they are for exhibition purpose only. If you’d like to actually use them, I recommend that you only use them for an organiser which you don’t carry around with you because the tabs are really long and could easily get bent in your handbag! 

Are you interested in standard/short tabs? Do you prefer a printable version?

Let me know!

—>sachiko1979 (at) hotmail.com

All my dividers have crisp images with bright colours. Card I used is 180gsm which is not too thick or too thin for dividers after being laminated. High quality laminating pouches are used to laminate them for sturdiness and durability. They are hole punched and ready to use! If you’d like me to leave your dividers un-punched for you please leave me a quick note when you order.

Thanks for reading!

Sachiko 😉


Faulty Finsbury from Staples :(

So I ordered a Pocket Finsbury form Staples last month. It was £21.98 + P&P which I thought was a bargain considering the same Filofax was being sold for £50 on Filofax official website.

This is the one I bought:

I was really looking forward to receiving my new Raspberry Finsbury and it arrived a few days later. I excitedly opened the parcel and… saw the brown cardboard box inside instead of the standard Filofax box in which my other Finsburies came. Has anyone got a Filofax in a cardboard box like this as well??


These are the standard Filofax boxes I’m taking about.


Anyway, I opened the box and checked the Filofax inside, and …. found some scratches on its penloop which made me so disappointed 😦 I nearly kept it as I really wanted to start using it, but… decided to return it for a replacement. After waiting for another several days I finally received a replacement. I opened the cardboard box carefully, and this time it looked ok so I waited until the weekend to set it all up with my new dividers and so on. The weekend came and I set it all up and… noticed that there was a gap in the rings!!! 😦 I was soooo disappointed but this time I didn’t contact Staples because 1) they would probably send me another faulty Filofax anyway 2) I didn’t want them to think that I was a super fussy freak!! My husband also said to me that it’s not sucha big deal because I got it for a low price, but I bought my other Finsburies from Ryman for even cheaper prices in the past and they were in pristine condition! I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Filofax from Staples again 😦

So this is the gap I’m talking about.


Inserts can’t fall out of the rings so it’s still usable unless the gap becomes any bigger in the future!!

Well, at least my new Honeycomb dividers are looking good in it!!


DSC01499 copy

The colour has already come off the penloop, though..Hmmmmm….


Oh, by the way, my Japanese blogger friend told me that Iceland has started selling frozen sushi. I normally buy sushi from Waitrose because their sushi is a lot better than the ones from other supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons, M&S, etc. I’d never seen frozen sushi, so when I saw it at Iceland I kinda got freaked out lol! But anyway I bought it and ate it the next day for lunch. I kept it in the fridge so it was perfectly defrosted and to my very surprise it tasted as nice as the Waitrose sushi! It’s definitely better than the ones from Tesco or M&S!!! And it’s only £3!!! It costs around £5-6 at Waitrose so from now on I’ll go to Iceland for sushi!! I hope they’ll have more range in the future as this is the only kind they’ve got right now.

3x salmon nigiri, 2 shrimp nigiri and 2 makizushi & 3 California rolls



A little pouch of soy sauce was included but it tastes a bit different from the Kikkoman soy sauce which is my favourite, but it didn’t matter because I just used the Kikkoman sauce I’ve got at home. Anyway, If you’ve never tried Iceland’s sushi I do recommend it!

Thanks for reading!

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New Item: Super Cute Cat Dividers for Pocket & Personal size!

I’ve just started selling my newly designed cat-themed dividers (I’m a big cat lover!!) on my Etsy shop, and here are some photos of them!


Colourful dividers with 5 different kitties!


Registration number cover (5 colours available):


Meow meow meow!! ❤ ❤


Light blue, yellow, purple, pink and orange 🙂



I’ve started using them in my main Filo (Pocket Finsbury) and I love them! 🙂


They’re currently available for the Pocket & Personal size, but I can also make them for the A5 size if I receive requests!

You can order these cat dividers here:

Pocket size (81mm x 120mm):

>>Regular Set (a set of 5 dividers)

>>Special Set (5 dividers + 1 cover)

Personal size (95mm x 171mm):

>>Regular Set (a set of 5 dividers)

>>Special Set (5 dividers + 1 cover)

I want to make some dog-themed ones as well, but it’s more difficult for me to draw doggies!! (They don’t really look like doggies when I draw them lol!)

Thank you for reading! 

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❤New! Address Refills with Animal Characters!❤

I made some new address refills for the Pocket size!

***Click the image to see the listing on Etsy! ↓↓↓

Etsy top image

Designing is the fun part, but I don’t like setting up files for printing at all!!!!

P1130998 copy

It took me ages to set up all the files, but I finally completed them so now I can show you what they look like 🙂


I set them in my Pocket Malden 😉

Untitled-1 copy

There are sections for name, address and phone number.

close up

  A set includes pages for a Birthday List as well.


The last page is for notes.




  They are only available in the Pocket size at the moment, but the Personal size will be ready soon as well!

sachiko black

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❤New Dividers with Top & Side Tabs Finally Ready!!❤

Thank you very much for waiting!  New dividers with my original animal characters are finally ready for the POCKET & PERSONAL size!  I’m sorry, they are not ready for the A5 size yet, but I’m trying my best to get them ready asap!

You can see the new items HERE!

P1130810 copy

I normally send items within 1-3 working days, however when the number of orders increases or when you order multiple items it can take up to 5 working days to send them. (In that case I will contact you to let you know the shipping date.)  Thank you very much for your understanding!! 🙂

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❤Dividers with New Animal Characters❤

Thank you very much for waiting!  The new dividers for the Pocket size are almost ready to be put up on my Etsy shop!
This time I have made two versions with top tabs and side tabs because I have received many requests for the side tabs 🙂

P1130801 copy
Here are some sketches for the new characters!

img041 copy
Sorry, the image isn’t big enough, but there are 4 versions:

Side & Top Tabs
Registration number covers: Pink, Purple, Yellow and Blue

Registration number covers copy
Top tabs:

P1130827 copy
It was my first time to work on some side tabs, and the reason why I’ve never sold any dividers with side tabs is that I thought they would easily get damaged by a penloop.  However it seems that there are a lot of people who prefer side tabs rather than top tabs, so I thought I would give it a try at least!

Now here are some dividers which came with my Filofax when I bought it.

I decided to make my tabs just like these tabs as they don’t touch my penloop.  The length of these Filofax tabs is 6mm long, so I made mine 5mm so they will be 6mm long when they are laminated.
P1130810 copy

P1130811 copy
Do you think these tabs are too short??  But if I make them taller then they would definitely touch the penloop 😦  Even now they might touch the pen loop if you set lots of refills in your Filofax.

By the way, does anyone have Filofax dividers/tabs for Personal and A5 size?  Are the tabs also 6mm or are they taller than 6mm??

Oh!  And I’m going to sell these dividers for the Pocket, Personal and A5 size 🙂  I really hope I can put them up on my Etsy shop soon!!

Thank you for reading!

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Filofax, Page-markers

❤CUTE Today & Month markers for Pocket & Personal Size❤

Thank you so much for waiting!!  “Today” and “Month” markers are finally ready and up on my Etsy shop 🙂

Pocket Size is HERE

Personal Size is HERE

So here are the “Today” & “Month” markers for the Pocket size!

(It’s a set of two page markers.)

Pocket Today & Month Markers Image woth words


“Today” markers

Pocket Today Markers Image

“Month” markers

Pocket Month Markers Image




And here are the ones for the Personal Size:

4 variations woth words


Personal Today Markers Image

Personal Month Markers Image

I hope you had a lovely weekend!!

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