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❤New item! Sushi Themed Personalised Dividers!❤

Oops!!  I clicked “Publish” before finishing the post!!  I’m sorry if you saw my unfinished post with lots of misspellings LOL!!

Anyway, I’d like to show you my new dividers which are available for the Pocket size in my Etsy shop!

These dividers are available HERE (Regular Set) and HERE (Special Set)!



Just like my other dividers, a Regular Set comes with 5 dividers and a Special Set comes with 5 dividers + 1 registration number cover.  If you don’t know what a registration number cover is, please see the bottom of this post! 🙂

Registration Number Cover


By the way, when I was looking through pictures on Instagram (or Flickr or maybe on Facebook…?  I can’t remember!) I saw some people using my dividers but in a reversed order!  I’ve never ever thought of using them in a reversed order, so when I saw those photos I was totally amazed!!  Why didn’t I ever think that!!??

This is what I mean!


In the reversed order, the divider E (the blue tab in the photo) comes first and it’s actually easier to turn the dividers this way- the tab closest to the rings comes on top.


I’ll probably continue creating dividers in the current order (Divider A come on top) to avoid any confusion with my existing items, but I just wanted to say that if you are using my dividers you might want to try them in a reversed order and see what you think! 🙂

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::What is the Registration Number Cover?::

If you buy a Filofax, it comes with a page which you can fill in your registration number. Do you keep that page on top of the other pages? (I do!) The registration number page isn’t cute at all, so I made this cute flyleaf to place over it. It has a small see-through window so you still can see your registration number through it 🙂 I will put your name (or a word you’d like) to make it personalised for you. (*I can make your registration number cover without a window at the bottom if you don’t have a registration number and want to use it just as a front cover! Please just leave me a quick note when you place an order.)

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New Stamps and New Japanese Sushi Gift Set

It’s already October!  I’m just amazed how quickly the time passes!

First of all I’d like to introduce my new gift set using my own original characters called Sushi Boy & Sushi Girl 🙂

Like my other gift sets this one is also a personalised gift set with your name in Japanese & English.

I made two versions: Sushi Boy version and Sushi Girl version.  The difference is in the design and colour of the key ring and badge.  Both gift sets come with:

★1x personalised badge – diameter: 3cm
★1x personalised key ring – 4cm x 3cm
★11x personalised stickers
★4x writing sheets (2 patterns) – 18.5cm x 13cm
★2x matching envelopes (2 patterns) – 14.5cm x 10.5cm

It’s available at my Etsy shop and eBay shop- it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!

 And here is a photo of my new eraser stamps.  I’m putting handles on them soon- but I have to get the wood cut first!

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to curve certain erasers.  I haven’t tried many kinds yet, but I liked the ones I used this time.

This is a photo of my week on two pages for this week.  I used my handmade calendar stickers and stamps- maybe it looks a bit too busy?  I hope to get some new ink pads soon because I only have red, brown and black at the moment.



And here is a photo of my Month On Two Pages for September- I tried to make it colourful last month. The space is so tiny for pocket size, though!

I hope you enjoyed my post and have a great weekend 😉