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::New Item:: PRINTABLE Kitty Tabs & Stickers


I’m on maternity leave now, but I’ve been working on this new printable item and I’ve finally managed to put a listing up on my Etsy shop yesterday!  You can check the item HERE 🙂

You can print out these cute kitty tabs and stickers on adhesive paper (or just plain paper if you’re using some glue)!




I’ve also included files to create dividers (in Pocket, Personal & A5 size), so you can use them along with the tabs!

I’m printing out the Personal size dividers here:


Flip the card and print the stripy pattern on the back (optional):


Then just cut out the dividers, stick the tabs you like and punch holes!


Or you can use them with the stripy pattern on the front:



I used thick card and adhesive paper above, but I’ve also printed them on thinner material (I used HP PREMIUM CHOICE PAPER) as I wanted to laminate them:


I glued the tabs:

P1180827 copy

Then laminated them:


Now they are sturdy and will last longer!


I’ve also included a file to create a cute envelope to store your tabs & stickers!


Just cut out the envelope:


Fold & glue it:


Now you can keep your tabs & stickers safe until you use them!

P1180819P1180822print out stickers separatelyThank you for reading & I hope you like the new item!

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My New Handmade London Dividers!!

***PRINTABLE London Dividers are now available at Cute Organizing!
Download PDF files and create London Dividers for your Filofax!


This idea of new dividers came up in my head a while back, but I didn’t have enough time to actually create them.  Then I finally managed to create them last night so I’d like to show them to you today! 🙂  Unfortunately these new dividers are not for sale, and you’ll see the reason why if you read this post! 😉

My first step is always sketching on a piece of paper.


After sketching, I draw/colour on Photoshop.  My Photoshop is really old but it still does the job!!


After finishing all the designing, I printed them out, cut them out and laminated them- my usual steps when making dividers.

So here are the London Dividers I made!!  There is a double-decker bus, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, guards, taxi and a red phone booth!


As you can see, the tabs are ridiculously long (especially the Big Ben tab!), so if I carry them in my handbag, they’ll definitely get bent!!  But I just really wanted to create them, and as I expected it was a lot of FUN creating them!!!

I set them up in my Filofax (Poppy Saffiano).  Wow!!  A tiny London is in my Filofax!!  It almost feels like I can hear all the lively noise in London!! 😀




They are, of course, dividers, so I typed words on the tabs.  I made the letters very small and discreet so they don’t stand out too much.



They are sticking out at the top!


They aren’t practical dividers, but I just love them and really enjoyed creating them, so I hope I can create different versions sometime!  Maybe the next one will be… a Tokyo version!?


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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❤❤Cute Kokeshi Doll: Set of 3 Pagemarkers ❤❤

Thank you so much for all the comments on the last post!  I really appreciate all of them!

I was planning on writing about my new stickers on this post, but I started working on some new page-markers after reading the comments on my last post, and I’d like to write about them first!

Like *Stationary Addict* said in the comment section, if you set a few page-markers in the binder they would overlap in the same spot and you wouldn’t be able to see the ones behind properly.  I was actually worried about exactly the same thing, so decided to follow what she said:
“would be good to have them staggered like tabs on dividers so they can be more easily seen.”

I worked on them REALLY HARD last night…!

P1120827 copy
And printed them out this morning, TA-DAH!

P1120855 copy
This is after I cut them out and laminated them.

P1120857 copy
So these page-markers have tabs like dividers.

P1120883 copy
Unlike dividers the width of these page-markers is only 5 cm, so the tabs are overlapping like the image above, but you still can see the faces of the Kokeshi girls 🙂

P1120885 copy
I could have made the tabs wider, but I made them like this because I wanted them away from the rings as much as possible as it’s easier to flick them over.

Close shots:

P1120879 blog
P1120880 blog

P1120881 blog
I set them up in the Filofax I’m using now.  They are quite cheerful, aren’t they!

P1120863 blog
I used three Kokeshi girls Clara, Amy and Louise this time, but I’m also thinking of making another set just like these with Saffron and Tama.  I won’t be able to make a set of more than 3 page-markers, but if you get two sets you can have 6 page-markers in total 🙂

Once I make three more page-markers I will put them all up on my Etsy shop!

Thank you for reading!

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Kokeshi Dividers for Personal FINALLY READY :)

Thank you very much for all the measuring Suzee and Ray!  I worked on the see-thru window for the Personal size this weekend!

The measurements are as shown below according to Suzee:

Regist Cover Personal

And thank you for the extra information, Ray!  The size could be slightly different depending on the inserts you buy!

So I made the see-thru window like this:

number cover window

You might need to re-write your registration number on a new insert for the registration number so you can see your number through the window properly.

I made some samples and tested just in case.


I used my husband’s Collins binder as I don’t have any Personal Filofax.



Then I made some adjustments…



And here they are, they are FINALLY ready!

5 personalised dividers for Personal:

personal dividers 1

And the Registration Number Cover for Personal:

P1120383 copy


P1120397 copy

There are two versions availabel:

1) Regular set- 5 personalised dividers

2) Special Set- 5 personalised dividers & 1 personalised registration number cover

They are available here:

top image etsy


Thank you very much for waiting for the Personal size, and now I will start working on the A5 size as well!  A5 is quite large, and I really hope they’ll turn out nicely…!!  Please check this blog for latest updates 😉

Thank you very much for reading!


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Kokeshi Dividers for Personal Size are ALMOST ready!

I made some sushi and California roll tonight!  I make them probably once or twice a month.  I don’t really know if it’s ok to eat raw fish in England, so I buy smoked salmon just in case.  When I make sushi I always make some California roll as well.  I usually put avocado, cucumber and some crab sticks inside the roll, but I also added some red pepper this time.  I use pudding rice for sushi by the way.  I think they are close enough to the Japanese sticky rice 🙂


The “shari” (the rice part) of my salmon sushi were way too large!  I should have used less rice, but I had too much rice compared to the amount of salmon…lol!  Oh, well, they tasted really nice anyway 😛

And here are the sample dividers I just made for the Personal Filofax 🙂  The last thing I have to do is make a registration number cover.  BUT!  I only have the Pocket Filofaxes, and I really really hope someone who has a Personal Filofax can help me find out these sizes for me!!


Would anyone please measure A to E ↓↓↓ in “mm” and let me know in the comment section for me??  (It’s the registration number page which comes with Filfax inserts.)  Thank you so much in advance…!!!

Regist Cover Personal

Once the registration number cover is made I can put them up in my shop 🙂  Thank you very much for waiting!


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Super Cute Kokeshi Doll Personalised Dividers with Tabs!

It’s been a busy week for me, but I was also able to work on the new dividers!  I was asked if I made dividers to sell, so I thought I would give it a try 🙂

Some ideas came into my head, so I started sketching on a piece of paper…

P1120242 copy

Then I scanned them into my computer, and created new characters based on the sketches before making dividers from them.

I finally finished all the designing and could print them out last night!  These  are for the Pocket size by the way.


After laminating all the dividers I realized that the “ADDRESS” should have been “ADDRESSES” and had to make the green divider all over again!!  Boo!!

Anyway, here are the completed new dividers!  I think they are pretty cute, hehe!
P1120313 copy

all dividers

P1120277 copy

And do you remember my Registration Number cover?

I made a new one to match with the new dividers!  It’s got a see-through window of course 🙂

P1120315 copy
If you write your registration number on this page↓ you can see it through the window of the registration number cover 🙂

P1120318 copy
Oh, by the way, this is my new Finsbury which I bought recently!  I love it, and I’d love to write about it sometime soon 🙂


I hope you like my new dividers!  The ones for the Pocket size are available in my shop at the moment (these are personalized dividers), but if I receive a request I could make them for Personal size as well 🙂


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