What I write and keep in my Filofax :)

Today I’d like to show you what I write & keep in my Filofax.  I guess mine isn’t special compared to other people’s organisers, but it’s always nice to peek into someone else’s organiser, isn’t it!?

Here is my pocked sized Malden, and this is the only organiser I use.  I used to write things on different places like a wall calendar, notebooks, a spare organiser, etc., but it never really worked for me as I need everything in ONE place.  So here is my organiser, and it contains everything I need!

These are my tabs- there are 19 of them!

Most of the letters on the tabs are written in Japanese, so here is the translation.

There are many sections for my online business and freelance translation.  It’s boring to go through those sections so I’d like to show you other sections.  Oh, and I wrote about my registration number cover HERE in the past.

Let’s start with the section for passwords.  I wasn’t sure if I should write all my passwords on my Filofax for security reasons, but I often need these passwords when I’m away from home, so I decided to write them in a coded way so no one can understand them 😉 Then I printed a website logo alongside each password so I can find a password quickly.

I flick through these pages very often, so I laminated them.

And here is a section for sticky notes.  I wrote about it HERE so I skip this section for now.

And here is the monthly calendar for this month.  I usually write all my plans and to-do’s on week-on-two-pages, and I write things which are already finished on the monthly calendar for the future reference as it’s easier to look over the entire month.

I use stickers and my beloved multi8 to make the pages colourful 🙂 (I wrote about this sticker file HERE, and my multi8 review is HERE)

I write all the addresses on my Filofax as I never really liked the digital address book on any of my mobile phones and my current smart phone.

And this is a section for all the gifts sent & received.  I refer to these pages before buying gifts as I often forget what I gave and what was given!

This is a section for the opening times of the shops in my neighbourhood.

And this is a section for my wishlist.

By the way, this stamp I made has been really useful.

You can see more about my stamps HERE.

And I have a railway map in the section “Other”.

I used to have a British map and a Japanese railway map in this section, but I took them out recently as I don’t look at them much.

I only keep these in the pockets as I don’t like my organiser to be bulging.

Phew!  That was a long post!!  Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it 😉


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New divider I made for my Filofax

This is a quick painting I did over the weekend.  Maybe her body is a bit too small for the size of her head, but it still looks like Charlie to me!

 She is my Syrian Hamster Charlie I got from Pets at Home.  The staff there told me that Charlie was a boy, so I believed that for a few months.  Then one day I suddenly realized that Charlie didn’t have.. um… the balls!  Charlie was already a few months old then (which means she was an adult), but I still believed that I would find them somewhere hidden in her body…lol!!

So I put her in a clear jar and looked really carefully, but I couldn’t see any signs of them! Then I finally accepted that Charlie was a girl!Well, it actually didn’t really matter whether Charlie was a boy or girl.  The good thing was her name was Charlie so we didn’t have to change her name!

OK, enough of the silly talk!!  I’d like to show you the new divider I made yesterday. It’s printed on glossy photo paper and laminated.

This is when it’s set in my Filofax.  I like the colourful tabs, so I might re-make all the dividers when I have some time.

Ta-daa!  Yes, it’s a divider for sticky notes!

I use the large sticky notes for my shopping lists.  (*You can read more about my eraser stamps you see in this photo HERE)  I write down whenever I remember things I need to buy.

Then when I go shopping I stick it to my phone because it’s more convenient than opening my Filofax at a store.  I used to type shopping lists on my phone, but I later found out that I prefer it on actual paper.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post!



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Trying to make the week on two pages attractive…!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog!  I ran  a shodo (Japanese calligraphy) workshop for about 20 people last week, and I’m so glad it was a success!  I was worried about how it would go, so I’m so relieved!

I had never run a workshop so I was really nervous and didn’t take any photos during the workshop.  I wore a yukata which is similar to a kimono, but there’s no picture of me wearing it either 😦  Oh, well…

I bought them in Japan↓

First, we all practiced the basic strokes like tome, hane, harai, and then practised writing  his/her name in Japanese.  Then we created the final piece with decorations using washi (origami) paper to take home.  It’s just so bad that I have NO photos of them!  Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy it so I was very happy even though I felt exhausted after the workshop.

Ok, so here is my Filofax. It’s becoming a bit too bulky for me!

I prefer to keep it thin with only necessary refills, so I sorted out which refills I can throw away over the weekend…

and for the refills I might want to keep for future reference, well, I’ll store them in a box.

Thinner now!

But actually this is NOT how I want to store the old refills!   I’ve been looking for 6 ring mini binders to organize/store these old refills, but I can’t find any in the UK!!  I wish I had a few of them so I could sort out the old refills according to the year.

I’m looking for something like this one↓,  you can buy it for about 350 yen (about 3 British Pounds) in Japan.  I really should have bought some of them when I was there in July..!  Maybe I could even even bought them at 100 yen shops!

By the way, do you ever re-read your old refills?  I keep all of my used Week-On-Two-Pages just in case, but I rarely read them again unless I’m really trying to remember something particular.

When I was using Hobo Nichi Techo planners I used to look through the old pages and enjoyed reading them.  It’s interesting to see what I was thinking a year ago, two years ago, and three year ago, and so on.

(Sorry, I’ve already used this image in my old post..!)

Well, the reason why I rarely read my old Week-On-Two-Pages is because they are just a bunch of boring To-Do lists.  I sometimes write a short diary in a small space, but the pages look really messy and unattractive to read again.  Then why am I storing them in a box!?  Well, in the past, there have been many times that I really had to remember something and my old planners helped me a lot.  So I’m keeping them just in case.

By the way, I have so many stickers, but I’ve realized that I don’t really use them anymore because it feels like it’s a waste to use cute stickers on messy pages which I rarely look at in the future!

So, I’ve decided to write the pages more carefully and as neatly as possible!

I made this To-do list eraser stamp first.

If I write the letters neatly there is still plenty of space,  so I think I can write a short diary each day too.

So, my weekly resolution is:

Keep the Week On Two Pages neat and attractive 😉

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Smart phone, paper punch, Japanese calligraphy..

I’m not a gadget person at all, and in fact I was using an old ipod nano which I bought …6 or 7 year ago…?

Well, it finally broke down recently and it wouldn’t turn on any more.   So instead of buying another portable music player I decided to buy a new mobile phone because my phone, just like my ipod nano, was very old.

After getting my very first smart phone I installed MoreLocale2 and OpenWnn Plus straight away, so now I can type Japanese on my phone, yippee!

Pink pink pink

By the way, while I was in Japan I bought something that I’ve always wanted to get.

6 hole punch 🙂

I didn’t have to buy it in Japan as I saw a very similar one on for about the same price, and I kind of regretted that I bought it there because it’s so heavy.  My suitcase ended up weighing over 23kg and I had to take some stuff out right before leaving home to go to Narita Airport on my last day in Japan!  I almost cried when I had to give up taking the miso paste, my favourite umeboshi and tonkatsu sauce with me to England…!!  Anyway, now I’m glad that I didn’t give up this 6 hole punch because it’s been very useful.

I also brought back a lot of materials for my Japanese calligraphy workshop which I’m running this month.  I’ve never run a workshop so I’m quite nervous about it, but I hope it’ll go well..!

This is what I did for my customer- nothing to do with the workshop.

Thanks for reading!

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Pentel Multi8 Review!

I have got a request to do a mini review on a Multi8 pen, so here is the quick review!

I think I bought my Multi8 in 2008 when I was in Japan, and I’ve always loved it since I got it!  I often draw small illustrations on corners of small notes or post-it notes, and this Multi8 makes them really colourful!

There is also a product called Super Multi8, but this is a standard Multi8.  You can purchase just a pen with 8 sticks of colour lead already set inside, but I bought a “Multi8 set” so it came with 16 sticks of colour lead (2 for each colour) and a sharpner. (*Plus 8 sticks were already set inside the pen so 24 sticks in total!)

This is an instruction manual, and it’s written in English on the rear side.

Comparison to BIC’s 4-colour ink pen:

When I bought my Multi8 set it was 2000 yen + free shipping or something on  The colour lead lasts for a very long time (unless you colour something really large!) and I never use a sharpner, so I personally think that you don’t really need to buy a set.  If you search for “Pentel Bible Highlighter” or “Pentel 8-in-1” you’ll be able to find the ones (not a set) which are designed for the markets outside Japan, and I think they’re cheaper than purchasing an Original Multi8 set.  (By the way, I’ve seen a Multi8 which has different colours inside so you should check it before purchasing it!)

By the way, MUJI sells a set for 2000 yen (it’s made by Pentel, but it has a MUJI packaging) in Japan, but I couldn’t find it on the English MUJI website, so probably it’s not available outside Japan..?  This is the one you can buy at Japanese MUJI:

ポリカーボネイト8色鉛筆芯シャープペン 8色・替芯付き

Sorry, the quality of this photo is really bad, but these are the 8 colours you get.

I used to draw a lot of pictures when I was using a Hobonichi Techo, and here are some examples 🙂  They’re all coloured by a Multi8.

And these are the Week On Two Pages for this week 🙂

I hope you liked my review!

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What’s the first thing you see when you open your Filofax?

This is what you see first when you open my pocket Malden.

I would never want to lose my Filofax wherever I go, but what if I did!?  So I set the registration number page on top of all the other pages so that if a nice person was to find my Filofax he or she would ring one of those numbers!  But the problem I’ve been having is that this page isn’t capturing my heart at all… 😦  I love girly things like pink and ribbons and so on, but this registration number page is just black and white.., but I do want to keep this page on top at the same time!  …I wonder what I should do!?

Then I got some nice ideas!  First I drew some ribbons on a piece of paper, then I chose one and scanned it in. Then I did a bit of a designing on Photoshop, printed it out and cut out the unnecessary parts.

Finally, I laminated it of course, and here it is!


I made a little window here↓

So you can see the registration number through it and the nice person who found my Filofax would hopefully turn this page to see more details on the registration number page?  Anyway I love this little see-through window in this divider 🙂

This is a similar idea to my see-through divider for the monthly calendar, isn’t it?  (The post on this divider is HERE)

This pink page with ribbons lifts my feelings every time I open my Filofax, yay!

Thanks for reading!

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More stamps!

I wrote in my last post that I started making my own stamps using erasers.  I found it soooooo difficult (I still do!) at the beginning, but I think I’m getting slightly better 🙂

 Approx. 2.5cm(H) x 1.7cm(W) 🙂

Now I’ve got quite a few stamps, so I made a small box for them.

Approx. 2cm x 2cm↓

Strawberry is about 1.5 cm (hight)

I just decorated next week’s pages with my stamps, and it was so much FUN !!  (The stamp of the coffee cup on the bottom-right corner wasn’t made by me.) I wish I could make a lot more stamps, but my eyes have been horribly sore from making stamps, so I really need to rest my eyes…!  Boohoo!

By the way, this is my latest painting of a sushi restaurant in Tokyo↓

(Available at Japan Corner.)

And these are the new personalised address labels which are also available at Japan Corner

Thanks for reading!